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 Thanks and good-bye

PostTue Jan 08 2019 1:30am
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 29 · Views: 1603 · Subject: I did exactly
The same Big Cry

There was nothing left value wise in 2011 3.0 and the dealer right royally had my pants down and definitely same coming when I bought it, so I chopped it in for a 4 series diesel a ...
 [For Sale] Like New

PostMon Jan 07 2019 7:46pm
Forum: For Sale & Wanted · Replies: 3 · Views: 488 · Subject: [For Sale] Like New
Rubber Mats from my 2011 3.0 RR Sport. I never used them so they just went straight into the garage and are in like new condition. I also have a set of grey side plastic skirts which I removed when I ...
 Oil dilution is our fault apparently!

PostSat Dec 29 2018 4:08pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 50 · Views: 3500 · Subject: I’ve moved away
I really wanted a newer sport model 2015~16 but there was nothing in n my car money wise. The dealer basically shafted me from the start on the pcp and rather than get it done again and with all the i ...
 Device error

PostSat Dec 01 2018 9:01am
Forum: In Car Electronics · Replies: 10 · Views: 1757 · Subject: Same car as reporter
I found that the issue cleared when I reloaded the apple tunes app which I had deleted a couple of days before. Don't understand why it needed apple tunes on the phone as I don't use it I always use S ...
 is this oil any good

PostSat Nov 24 2018 7:29pm
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 9 · Views: 518 · Subject: Re: is this oil any good
Hi All,

with my service due in under 1500 miles i thought i would look around for some oil... and driving what now appears to be circa 25k miles a year (30k last year and 20k the previous) I though ...
 Ordered an SVR.... Not what I had hoped!

PostFri Nov 16 2018 9:12pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 69 · Views: 4916 · Subject: Forgive Him
I don't have one and never will.

My humble opinion is that the SVR is a cartoon car, larger than life and shockingly vulgar. A car intended for footballers and lottery winners; conspicuous new m ...
 Smell of Exhaust Fumes in Cabin

PostWed Oct 31 2018 9:32pm
Forum: General · Replies: 11 · Views: 643 · Subject: Dont Agree
My daughters 2011 RR Sport has the same issue. Although it has LR extended warranty they will not cover the cost. Initially they said it was due to it being part of the exhaust system. It was pointed ...
 Losing power on roundabout

PostSun Oct 28 2018 3:28pm
Forum: General · Replies: 2 · Views: 303 · Subject: Gave it a good
Few revs when I got back in the car, no smoke and no issues either so will need to see if it reoccurs Neutral
 Losing power on roundabout

PostSun Oct 28 2018 1:18pm
Forum: General · Replies: 2 · Views: 303 · Subject: Losing power on roundabout
So I’ve had this happen twice before but not since last yr. went around a left hand corner and power just started dropping then got it to reoccur 3-4 more times on a roundabout a mile up the road. F ...
 power steering

PostWed Sep 05 2018 8:03pm
Forum: Technical · Replies: 5 · Views: 445 · Subject: WHAT
Check the air suspension module for fault codes relating to the sensor on the steering rack Thumbs Up

That, or the lower UJ is seizing up

Is the Lower UJ Mikey?
 P400e - charging

PostTue Sep 04 2018 6:35am
Forum: Technical · Replies: 6 · Views: 477 · Subject: Re: P400e - charging
Question for any P400e owners out there. Still looking forward to getting mine (currently on order), and trying to work through all the logistics.

Do any of you have to deal with charging on-str ...
 New P400E - Option advice

PostSat Sep 01 2018 2:20pm
Forum: Orders (L494) · Replies: 27 · Views: 2444 · Subject: For a
Piano roof do u have to have seperate app nsurance? I’m sure a girl in the service department said some insurers won’t insure as the pano food is accident chip zone
 LR Service Plan or not - S7 service due next August?

PostWed Aug 29 2018 10:14pm
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 8 · Views: 557 · Subject: luckily
mine were not 6 pots Thumbs Up I just used Brembo discs and pads Thumbs Up
 LR Service Plan or not - S7 service due next August?

PostWed Aug 29 2018 7:35pm
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 8 · Views: 557 · Subject: I also
Got the warning so I went in to collect and asked for the technician who had come back with this comment. I then proceeded to show him that he was a money pinching thief because I had just changed the ...
 Range Rover Sport Engine Seized NEED HELP !

PostSun Aug 19 2018 3:23pm
Forum: General · Replies: 66 · Views: 4845 · Subject: Feel
For the reporter all they wanted was help. happens a little to often but still a good forum. Thumbs Up
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