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 Problem with Air Suspension... and little more....

PostFri Apr 20 2018 7:25am
Forum: Faults & Fixes · Replies: 3 · Views: 124 · Subject: Also
check your wheels are the same height with tyres on. there was a topic on here were someone had a different make of tyres on the front to the back and they ended up being different heights. they had t ...
 jeep wont start dash lighting up with warning messages

PostSat Apr 14 2018 7:52pm
Forum: Faults & Fixes · Replies: 26 · Views: 703 · Subject: Cant offer any
Advice mate but if your looking for a good indy try Sheffieldprestige.co.uk They are based by the Virgin Active gym just off Broadlane Road in town. Used them myself and very happy to recommend them ...
 handbrake making loud noise when put on

PostFri Apr 13 2018 8:32am
Forum: General · Replies: 6 · Views: 189 · Subject: Electronic Park Brake
Issue. chances are its probably seized up a bit and will need freeing of and maintaining, hopefully you might get away with a general clean up and adjust but get it into a good specialist
 New vs used lease or pcp

PostThu Apr 12 2018 11:53am
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 17 · Views: 765 · Subject: Does
You are being offered a great deal On a Velar for only one reason.......... dealers get huge bonuses if they can sell one......

It really matter if at the end it suits both my needs and my costings ...
 New vs used lease or pcp

PostThu Apr 12 2018 10:57am
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 17 · Views: 765 · Subject: You Dont
like Saxtons then Ozzie Mr. Green Mr. Green Mr. Green

Must admit I avoided them when I bought my current Sport as well

I am almost in the same predicament as the Raiser I went into Guy Salmo ...
 Best Front Wiper Blades

PostSat Apr 07 2018 7:24pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 27 · Views: 1383 · Subject: Went to EuroParts
and got Valeo OEM 35% off this weekend with WEEKEND35 all in capitals. Where £38 odd quid and got them for £25 Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up :t ...
 Advice on New Neighbour with large van

PostSat Apr 07 2018 7:19pm
Forum: Off Topic · Replies: 25 · Views: 1004 · Subject: Just
glad your not my neighbour Sad

Houses these days are built so close to each other that this is bound to happen at some stage plus a lot of houses usually have more than 1 car but its just a fact of ...
 Big hike in Insurance Premium

PostFri Apr 06 2018 6:57pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 9 · Views: 561 · Subject: Same
here I've noticed my premium quotes are up £150 plus more this year same as you history wise as well Big Cry Big Cry Big Cry

PostThu Apr 05 2018 11:15am
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 6 · Views: 593 · Subject: Mine Failed
yesterday on a 7 yr old 3.0 rear brake lines corroded, luckily covered under the MOT insurance which is part of the 2 yr warranty, still feels like a kick in the nuts though Big Cry Big Cry

Is your ...
 Time for a new cam belt?

PostWed Apr 04 2018 6:25pm
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 3 · Views: 279 · Subject: Got This
In September and combined with the A service Guy Salmon are currently quoting just shy of a grand Big Cry Big Cry Big Cry

I asked an independent who quoted £669 just for the cambelt but they don' ...
 Run marks

PostWed Apr 04 2018 12:21pm
Forum: Detailing & Car Cleaning · Replies: 5 · Views: 335 · Subject: I Also
Get something like this but its from my mirrors which drives me insane sometimes. I eventually bought a small blower which is used for cleaning inside PC stacks which helped
 No Audio?, help!

PostMon Mar 19 2018 11:48am
Forum: General · Replies: 12 · Views: 624 · Subject: Do you
let the vehicle go through its checks and wait for all the warning lights to go out, if not then that could be your issue. Had the same on my 2011 and I always let it go through its check process with ...
 2011-2012 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TD V6 ONLY

PostMon Mar 19 2018 11:45am
Forum: Technical · Replies: 6 · Views: 561 · Subject: Nope
Not me 2011 3.0. Only the issue we discussed under light braking at 60mph and above
 My first and probably last Range Rover.

PostFri Mar 16 2018 2:55pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 19 · Views: 1475 · Subject: I’ve had Audi’s and BMW’s
And I know where I’d rather be every day of the week ther is no comparison full stop. Go back to the lease marques it’s yr choice plenty of happy owners in the LR marque and after having both of t ...
 Gearbox flush

PostWed Mar 14 2018 10:58pm
Forum: General · Replies: 0 · Views: 252 · Subject: Gearbox flush
In or around Sheffield? Anyone know anyone who can do this for me?
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