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Member Since: 16 Aug 2010
Location: Aberdeenshire
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Scotland 2010 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 HSE Santorini Black
Gearbox Fault - Easy Fix

Had the Gearbox Fault message pop up on my 2010 RRS HSE after the car dropped in to neutral of it's own accord ! Called Land Rover Assistance who sent the AA round. The guy knew what it was without even plugging in the diagnostics ! Under the gearbox there is a short linkage with a nylon bush at one end and guess what - it comes out of the factory without any grease on it ! Over time the bush siezes up causing the selector to become stiffer but over a period of time you don't notice it. As a result of the bush seizing up the selector doesn't engage quite as it should and the electronics get confused about which position the selector is in. Anyway removal of the linkage, a few minutes to remove the bush (DON'T HAMMER IT AS IT WILL BREAK) by turning it back and forth with a shifter then slap a little grease on and re-assemble - job done !
This could have been avoided of course by putting some grease on in the factory. Also the linkage is under a cover which has to be removed by the dealers during a normal service so a little grease applied then would solve which according to the AA guy is a common problem.

I believe the problem also applies to the Discovery and or Defender! A MAN IS NOT OLD UNTIL REGRETS TAKE THE PLACE OF DREAMS


Post #341161 Tue Apr 24 2012 10:37am
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Member Since: 05 Dec 2012
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Just to jump on the ban wagon and add my 2 pence worth........I had a Range Rover,not a Sport but a L322 that developed a gearbox fault......i used to turn off the ignition then it would reset ......this soon turned into warning light = limp home mode.........anyway,I took it to a 4x4 back street garage and he said that there was a short loom in the gearbox but he didn't have the right software to make sure so he advised I took it to main dealer ....I did as he said and that's when the fun started.
First up was they said it was the transfer box so I had it replaced.....still not fixed! So now they say it needs a new rad as it's not cooling down the gearbox and it is over heating.......new rad still not fixed......now they say gearbox sensor ...guess what...changed it and now it's Censored worse than ever!!! I got so Censored ed off that I reported them to the trading standards via email.....I never thought I'd hear anything back but I got a phone call within the hour from them!this in turn lead to a call from the Manager of Siducp Land Rover asking "what can we do to sort this mess out" ..........the upshot was,they kept it for a bout a week and ended up changing every sensor in the gearbox AND the little short loom that the back street garage said it might be.......it worked fine but I lost all faith in it and Land Rover so I sold it .........I had a second car so only used the Range Rover at the weekends......on the day that I sold it I turned the ignition on and nearly every warning light came up on the screen!!! ...I had purchased a Snap On EThos which I used to use to reset the suspension and gearbox but it was only good to do a few things so it had to go back to main dealer.......they dreaded my visits and I knew them all by name........they had an "oh Censored " look on there face when I stormed in! They wiped all the codes and said it was all down to low battery voltage? WTF? So,when the errors show up and you turn the ignition off it does not wipe the code,it just resets it,the fault codes are all stored and have to be wiped clean,they can come back if / when the fault is replicated again................also,if you take your car to a garage to have a fault fixed and it is not fixed you are legally entitled to take it to another garage and have it fixed but the original garage foots the bill ;0)

Post #411059 Sat Jan 25 2014 4:10pm
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Member Since: 16 Feb 2014
Location: UK
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2010 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Santorini Black

Hi guys

We have a 59 plate MY10 TDV8. We bought it 2nd hand from a main dealership (Burnham) in July 2013.

It has a regular problem where on 1st start up in the morning sometimes it will take longer than usual to start up after pressing the start/stop button. When this happens the warning light "Gearbox Fault" comes on the dashboard. This happens about once a week and when the engine is turned off and back on again the fault goes away. It never comes on mid journey.

We have taken the car to the dealership twice now and there are no fault codes stored on the system. They had the car for 3 days last time and said they couldn't find a problem. Since having the car back the problem continues to happen. Any advice on what I can do?

Many thanks


Post #414347 Sun Feb 16 2014 10:34pm
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Member Since: 02 Sep 2010
Location: Windsor
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United Kingdom 

Common fault

Post #458889 Sun Apr 12 2015 1:16am
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Member Since: 30 Nov 2015
Location: Henley on Thames
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2005 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Java Black
Re: MY10....gearbox warning on dash! I had the same thing

RAD wrote:
I've done just under 1K in my MY10 TDV8. On a few occasions a 'transmission fault' or it may be 'gearbox fault' (I'm getting old, forgotten which it is) has come up on the dash.'Sad'

Switched off, re-started and the warning disappeared.'Razz'

There is nothing noticeably wrong with the car, but was wondering if anybody else has experienced the same problem?
yep me to same thing transmission fault popped up on the screen the day I picked up my rrs 2006, got home ok all seamed ok, restarted it next day no problem!

Post #481572 Thu Dec 03 2015 8:31pm
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Member Since: 03 Dec 2015
Location: Manchester
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England 2009 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Lux Stornoway Grey

Mine was sorted after I changed the battery🙈

Post #544187 Wed Dec 27 2017 9:12pm
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Member Since: 01 Aug 2015
Location: Essex
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United Kingdom 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Stornoway Grey

I had a 'Transmission Fault' error appear on my dash - turns out there was a loose, previosuly repaired wire behind the console that needed replacing. This sorted it for me. 2008 RRS HSE Stornoway Grey

Post #547049 Mon Jan 29 2018 3:36pm
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Member Since: 09 Mar 2018
Location: Rugby
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United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Santorini Black

I suffered this on a 2007 Sport. Tried all the usual Censored waffle that you find on chat rooms, like the brake light switch , brake light bulbs, fitting a new battery etc. On the second visit, the dealer diagnosed a low fuel pressure reading from the HP pump.

In order to de-rate the engine it limited the gears/top speed and dropped the suspension. A restart at the roadside would generally clear it but it would always return. The fault could occur at motorway speeds or just pottering around the town.

Once the fuel pump was replaced - the problem never reoccurred.

Post #555649 Wed May 02 2018 11:38pm
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Member Since: 26 May 2018
Location: Tirana
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Albania 2007 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Aintree Green

Dear All,

I have an error with my RRS 2007 HSE

I rented it in albania https://www.rentpoint.al and it tells me that it Has low coolant level ?

I'm not a mechanic

Plx help

Post #557484 Sat May 26 2018 4:09pm
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