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United Kingdom 2013 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Firenze Red

fkarim wrote:
Yes, I also think RRS will shoot up in price. That would mark the end or at least a pause in my LR ownership I think. Not necessarily a bad thing as I tried and failed to downsize/downgrade last time and already had that in mind for next change. Or perhaps I will go back to buying used. Plenty of options on the table.

Personally, providing you are reasonably happy with what you have, I believe the best bet at the moment is to hold on to what you have for a while longer. There are many changes afoot both within the LR and UK environments and it will do you no harm to hang on for a while.

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Post #534169 Thu Aug 31 2017 10:49am
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United Kingdom 

^^ Agreed. Not planning to change anytime soon. Reasonably happy with the car but no so much with the dealerships around me. Current: Volvo XC90 T8 Inscription Pro PHEV with some optionals on top
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Post #534171 Thu Aug 31 2017 11:06am
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United Kingdom 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Stornoway Grey

RRSman wrote:
timhum wrote:
Autocar have always rated the RRS over the Cayenne and this week in the Velar roadtest rank the RRS 1st against the Cayenne 5th. The Velar doesn't get into the top 5 in this category of vehicle with a pretty poor appraisal.

Very Strange....for me the Velar is a better drive than both a Cayenne and RRS and I have owned both for over a year at a time Thumbs Up

In 3.0d Guise and HSE Dynamic and above spec there is no competition and the Velar wins hands down as a drivers car. The RRS is way to wafty to be called a sport.

A couple of issues raised were the price and the engine, not the drive itself. They drove the 240D I think at a tested price of £67+k. That's a lot of money by for a RRS-lite albeit a more road focussed one. A number of reviews have criticized the interior plastics, for example, being not great at this price.

Premium price for a slightly less than premium product seems to be the analysis. Certainly, with the limited run First Edition in at FFRR money, it's a confusing pricing strategy. 2012 SDV6 - it's missing a couple of cylinders
2008 TDV8 - it was a labour of love and is much missed

Post #534177 Thu Aug 31 2017 12:40pm
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United Kingdom 

donny dog wrote:
RRSman wrote:

The Velar bashing on here continues Laughing Rolling with laughter

Well this IS an RRS forum!

Indeed hence why I am not on here much anymore Smile

Post #534182 Thu Aug 31 2017 2:23pm
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