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Member Since: 13 Aug 2019
Location: South Yorkshire
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United Kingdom 2005 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Siberian Silver
Engine management light

So I bought my first RRS a couple of weeks ago knowing there was a couple of minor issues that needed sorting like the AC Condenser needed replacing, oil and filter service, replace the viscous fan and spark plugs as they've never been done since new, I am mechanically minded so I done all these jobs myself (hardest was the viscous fan). the car is the 4.2 supercharged and now runs so smooth and quiet it really is impressing me apart for the fuel consumption that can be colossal! after doing around 100 miles the engine management light came on (not flashing) but the car runs 100%, no loss of power no nasty noises. I have one more job to do on the car and that is the front drivers suspension ride height sensor as this is throwing up a suspension fault every now and again.

my question is, if the suspension goes into fault would this bring up the engine management light of am I looking at a completely different issue? I have just ordered the icarsoft LR v2.0 diagnostics tool to have a look at the fault codes but I just wanted to know if anybody had any experience with this or know of any likely reasons for the light coming on with no loss of power?

Any help would be appreciated and also any shared experiences with this engine model would be good aswel.

Post #585310 Tue Aug 13 2019 6:02pm
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Andy K

Member Since: 18 Sep 2015
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England 2005 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Rimini Red

No not suspension.

Read the code.

Post #585312 Tue Aug 13 2019 6:07pm
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