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Snow White

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United Kingdom 
When was it updated?

Be nice to me, it's my first topic on this forum (although I have been loitering for a while)

So, I'm looking at a 2012 (62 reg) RRS HSE 3 ltr diesel, apparently fully serviced and MOT'd by Land Rover, blah, blah, blah..

So my question are,

A) from looking at the info screen is it possible to read when it was last serviced and when was the ECU last updated? Plus what is the latest update I should be looking for in relation to the ECU?

B) similar question really, as we know the sat nav's aren't perhaps the best Whistle when is the last update on this model and again where will I find the date of latest update.

thanks in advance for the collective advice of this little question Bow down and I might see you here actually owning one very shortly Mr. Green D3 with BAS & general grabbers
Defender with 3 winches and other sutle mods

Post #561686 Fri Jul 20 2018 1:05pm
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United Kingdom 2005 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Java Black


All the servicing information is online now so any JLR dealership should be able to access and provide you with the details, don't think it's accessible via the infotainment system.

For that model year I believe the SatNav went from DVD to USB updates? Not sure how to check the exact map version but I'm sure someone else will know!

Post #561689 Fri Jul 20 2018 1:28pm
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United Kingdom 2013 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Ipanema Sand

If it has a Full LR Service History, updates to ECUs - there are a shed load of them - will have been done if there were faults requiring updates to fix them, or, if a Technicnal Service Bullitin was issued by LR telling dealers to update at the next service.

You don’t get updates if the car is working.

As for the Sat Nav, that’s optional and a complete waste of money. Each update costs a lot and changes about 1% of the data.
Plus the fact that it’s crap anyway - as are most built-in systems.

Post #561692 Fri Jul 20 2018 2:50pm
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