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Wales 2012 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Lux Sumatra Black

It was well over a year since his last post, I may have misread your post, but if you have a dual view, surely no need to swap it all, just don't press the button for dual screen and leave it working as normal. That's what I do, the only time I use it (dual view) is if my good lady wants to watch TV or a DVD film on the move. So I would save yourself some money as no swap required. Thumbs Up

After re reading if you mean you want dual view, Autobiography models 2012-2013 generally have this with a DVD/CD player.
Otherwise generally a option I believe. For the advantages it really isn't a big gain, many have just made their screens stay on when driving for TV/DVD but I must add that it is illegal to drive watching the TV, yes I know you are often watching Sat Nav and info screens, but above 5mph it is meant to switch off. The quality of picture also drops when using dual view. As noted you will need a different board, lead, switch and of course a Dual View unit. Whistle John

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Post #534526 Mon Sep 04 2017 4:12pm
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Sye 225

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United Kingdom 2005 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Fuji White

Yeah i meant putting the dual screen into one that's doesn't already have it. That's what I've been trying to weigh up whether or not its worth the money and time, not only that but the problems that could occur like bitcrunch has come across. I was just curious to see if he had sorted it after a year and if so, he would know the tricks and what to do to get it working, and whether it was worth it in the end or not lol. I have read that the quality of the picture decreases when in dual also, so that has pushed me more towards not worrying about getting one with it already installed, or installing it into one if it does not have it.

Post #534533 Mon Sep 04 2017 6:13pm
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New Zealand 2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Autobiography Santorini Black

My A/B has the Dualview screen, although very clever I have only ever used it a couple of times to see if it still works, I rate it as just another L/R gimmick, they would have been better off concentrating on getting the Sat Nav and Audio Side perfected. I really wouldn't worry about it if it hasn't got it fitted if the rest of the car is A1. This is only my own personal view (no pun intended) of course.


Post #534562 Mon Sep 04 2017 9:29pm
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