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Member Since: 22 Jun 2007
Location: Aberdeenshire
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I have had the recall notice for 2 brake system issues and my car has been booked in by the dealer for
2 days next week to have the work done. I don't have the letter to hand at the moment but I think it was recall
P017 & P018. My car is a UK sourced TDV6 HSE MY07. The letter was 2 pages long and it wasn't until you got 2 about 1/3 of the way down page 2 that it happens to mention the possibility of "TOTAL" brake system failure!!! Shocked Not really what you want when speeding along Aberdeenshires winding country roads Shocked
I'm amazed they didn't make the "Total Failure" bit a bit more obvious - LIKE AT THE TOP OF THE BL Censored DY LETTER!! Not impressed Evil or Very Mad

I'll let you know how it all goes - Will also be having a look at an MY10 while I'm in the dealership ----- Shhhhh, don't tell the wife....... Whistle 2013 Discovery HSE Luxury - 3.0 SDV6 - Santorini Black
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Post #240158 Thu Oct 15 2009 8:39am
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Member Since: 09 Feb 2009
Location: Dusseldorf, Germany
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Greece 2009 Range Rover Sport TDV6 SE Alaska White

Went to the dealer today for the recall.

They change anyway the hose from the oil reservoir to the servo and they check also if there is oil in the valve on the servo side. If yes they have to change the servo.
Luckily mine was clean.
The new hose is different.

PS. I had never received a recall notice from LR (probably because my car was an export from military sales)

THANKS RRSPORT.CO.UK/FORUM for the info. 2009 Range Rover Sport 2.7 TDV6 SE, Alaska White, Almond leather, tinted windows, active rear diff, tow pack, HiICE, full spare: gone and already missed

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Post #240405 Fri Oct 16 2009 9:53pm
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Member Since: 18 Sep 2009
Location: Brabant
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Netherlands 2006 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Bonatti Grey

receieved a recall this week.

Post #243878 Fri Nov 27 2009 4:59pm
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Member Since: 20 Jun 2007
Location: Glasgow, Scotland OR Cumbre del Sol, Spain
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United Kingdom 2007 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Java Black

my recall notice arrived yesterday in the mail. Booking it in asap to get the work done. If you see a bandwagon - it's too late.....

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Post #244199 Wed Dec 02 2009 12:09pm
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Member Since: 16 Jan 2010
Location: Alicante Prov Spain + Hampshire UK
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Had my car recalled, all sorted no problem, no oil in the valve to servo etc, Thumbs Up however they did break a fuel line in the process, Big Cry so car broke down shortly afterwards pumping fuel all over floor !!!
Censored Censored Syd

Post #294522 Thu Mar 31 2011 4:36pm
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