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Milk Float Man

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Not OT at all - hopefully a dashcam would prove it's false

Daughters boyfriend recently sat stationary in queue and nudged similar BMW car in front when his foot slipped off clutch - they exchanged details because guy claimed the rusty vertical crease had just happened despite nothing matching shape on his bumper

Lad informed insurance and a day later they contact him saying bloke, wife and baby all in pain and having nightmares now claiming compensation

Insurance just paid and didn't challenge it so that's why they do it and why our insurance is going up every year Evil or Very Mad 


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Post #531899 Wed Aug 02 2017 9:48am
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Yes, Funnily enough, i rent out some office space to a Lawyer, and asked his advice, which was:

was it her fault? yes

Then stop complaining, just get on with your life! MY10 TDV6 SE (debadged Wink ), Santorini Black, Flappy paddles, Privacy Glass, 20" Stormers, Mudflaps!

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Post #531924 Wed Aug 02 2017 12:43pm
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Tim in Scotland

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I see that the Chairman of the AA who made those comments was sacked for misconduct yesterday............. hope he has a good lawyer! 2018 Melting Silver Mini Countryman PHEV on order for April delivery, bye bye Land Rover after 21 years and 11 LR products..... all because you won’t give me reassurance that should my SDv6 crankshaft break because of a design fault, not MY fault, but the engine builders fault - it will be replaced for free.
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Post #531926 Wed Aug 02 2017 12:47pm
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codfather wrote:
£11.5k was paid out to the passenger, and SIXTY THOUSAND POUNDS was paid to the driver. He claimed he got night sweats and couldn't drive any distance without freaking out. How do you disprove that??

You can see why people are tempted to defraud insurance companies when figures like that are involved.

I get night sweats too. I just put a thinner duvet on the bed and all's good... Rolling with laughter 2012 SDV6 - it's missing a couple of cylinders
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Post #531941 Wed Aug 02 2017 3:35pm
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