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Member Since: 10 Sep 2017
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Limitations and foibles of 2007 RRS

What limitations / foibles of my 07 RRS am I likely to discover - or fall foul of - off-road?

My D2 was astonishingly capable off-road, but I don't think the RRS is as water-resistant as that was. Shocked

If anyone has found things out the hard (i.e., expensive) way, I'd like to be forewarned before I travel far from the metalled black-top (in company).


Post #565883 Wed Sep 26 2018 4:55pm
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Tim in Scotland

Member Since: 30 May 2005
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2013 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Stornoway Grey

There aren’t many. With all 3 RRS’s I have run they never felt any less confident off road than my Defender but were a darn sight more comfortable! Tyres would be your biggest issue and if you had an HST the low front and rear spoilers reduce approach and departure angles, but in a standard car no problem. Make sure you remove the cover plates from the front and rear recovery eyes before you get into deep mud or water that might need an assistant to get you out again.... RRS’s are pretty good at handling the rough stuff as their electronics and air suspension help hugely and never be too concerned about battle scars, if you play offroad you will get some, it’s a fact of life!
I never took my RRS’s places where I thought I would damage my Defender but had some wonderful drives along very low flowing river beds and dried up streams as well as miles of forest tracks in all states of repair. Even the last RRS on it’s 22” alloys was amazing in the rough stuff but I was careful not to get into deep mud on 100% road biased very low profile tyres and expensive alloys, I was never “precious” about the cars, they are Land Rovers after all and meant to go far further off the beaten track than most people would take an SUV. You sound from the post like you aren’t a complete novice, but a drive at an LRE Centre can give you a good insight into what even the smallest cars from LR can do - Evoque and DS are great if you are aware that they do have limitations with lower ground clearance but they will go over a hillside as well as any old Disco1 or 2 even without low range gears, provided they are on suitable wheels and tyres - terrain response in then is really good. I tended to drive my RRS’s in either Auto TR or just in low ratio without resorting to the special programs. I don’t think I ever tried rock crawl mode once in any of my TR equipped cars.
I can’t wait to get the Countryman off road onto a forest trail, I know it won’t go far off road over a hillside (it won’t even get there!) but it should be up to forest fire roads and timber extraction trails, it’s ground clearance isn’t great but nearly up to Evoque height and I never got any Evoque stuck! 2020 Pangea Green 1st Edition D240 New Defender 110 is here and loving it
2018 Melting Silver Mini Countryman PHEV - soon to be replaced
2015MY Corris Grey SDv6 HSE Dynamic, the best car I have ever owned, totally reliable only a cou0le of rattles in 3 years, now no longer in my care
Also in my garage is a 1996 TDi300 Defender 90 County HT made into a fake CSW

Post #565893 Wed Sep 26 2018 7:01pm
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Member Since: 10 Sep 2017
Location: Near Llanybydder
Posts: 623


Thanks for the full reply, Tim.

In a job a couple of years ago, one of my colleagues told me how he had driven to the top of a remote Scottish radar station with another chap, driving a D3. The chap driving announced he had to go into low ratio and 'gravel' mode of TR in order to get there: when they arrived at the top there were two Corsas and an Astra. Laughing

Good clean fun:

Post #565895 Wed Sep 26 2018 7:22pm
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United Kingdom 2012 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Orkney Grey

I had my standard 08MY TDV8 deep enough for the leading Defender to have water coming through the bottom of the doors. All dry in RRS-land, however. Is that deep enough for you?

One thing to check if you want to go in water is that the starter motor has the long breather fitted. It wasn't as standard on the early models, hence the shallower wading depth - ask me how I found out. With that fitted you'd be ok to 700mm the same as the later RRS1s. RRS2 is good for 850mm. You can go deeper in both but the back end starts to float!

Quick tip - if you're wading and the dash tells you it's going in to extended mode then the back end is starting to float...time to change plans! You'd need a raised air intake for that sort of playing, however, and you'd need to seal it as it's not designed as a true wet snorkel.

The problem with RRS is that there is very little off road modification kit available, unlike the Disco.

Ignore those who tell you the RRS isn't fully capable off road - they've obviously never driven one! Trust me - generally speaking you'll chicken out before the vehicle runs out of ability. Tyres are key, of course, and on ATs the RRS is pretty impressive. Thumbs Up 2012 SDV6 - it's missing a couple of cylinders
2008 TDV8 - it was a labour of love and is much missed

Post #565976 Fri Sep 28 2018 1:25pm
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