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New model order

Hi, thinking of ordering the new model. Currently have the SVR but not going to wait for the new version and I’ve (reluctantly) come to the decision that all that power (that u can never really use) is a bit of a waste of money and in reality just ticks the boy racer box, which at 56, I ain’t no more Neutral It’s obviously a fantastic car but doesn’t come cheap and does tick the ‘look at me, I’m driving the top model…’ box Rolling Eyes
Which brings me to my point, which model would be best for me? I’ve looked at the list and there are a lot to choose from! I think the 0-60 in 6secs plus would be a bit of a culture shock (what was that about boy racers?) but there are a few models that quote 5.4 which would fit the bill I think.
I’m thinking of going with the no cost option white finish and getting it wrapped in matte black and the only two options being the black 23” alloys and the carbon interior (with black leather).
Not really interested in the hybrid model, I will go for all electric when the time comes.
They start at the £80K figure so would ideally like to spend between £80/90k.
Hate to think what the new SVR is going to come in at when even the V8 version is around the £120K mark!
Really like the new shape btw, the old one has become very dated now.
Any pointers would be appreciated, thanks.

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