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RRS Event Photos

I recently attended the RRS preview event at Rockar in Canary Wharf whilst in London on work, they had a Red P440e SE and a white diesel in the showroom. Had a great chat with a lady from Land Rover - she confirmed that they are expecting to deliver Dealer allocated cars in October (these are the LR pre-configured launch cars) and the order time at the moment is about 30 weeks. I was offered one of these pre-configures launch cars by my dealer in Scotland but wasn’t for me, so I’ve ordered a RRS P440e Autobigraphy. From my brief visit, I found that:

1. Dimensions of the car have enabled a deeper boot, more leg space in the second row and more in the front seats too.
2. The P440e is not limited in space by the battery pack as the P400e today, it had a full size spare wheel in the boot and a deployable electric towbar.
3. Although it is clearer a RRS, the cleanliness of the outside lines and the reductionist approach has made it look much sharper, particularly around the windows.
4. The quality of the interior is a step up over the current model - I have a P400 HST which I love, but this is another step up, the seats seem more comfortable, especially second row with a slightly lower seat base which should improve the c9mfort for the kids on longer journeys.
5. It feels significantly different inside to the new L460 RR, which I did have on order until the price kept going up and have done 2 x 45 mins test drives in! It feels much more sporty than the L460, more enclosed but in a good way.
6. I’ve taken pictures of the 2 new colours - Giola Green and Vareline blue, but as with all JLR colours at the moment, they are difficult to photograph and are dependent on the light at the time.
7. The boot opening is much larger than the current one, but oddly, the door opening release is right at the bottom just above the number plate where the rear camera lens is placed, which I think will mean lots of dirty fingers if you open it without use the keyfob or internal release!

Overall, I’d say I’m more excited about my RRS order than the L460 I had on order, I think it is a definite step up (admittedly, as is the price too), and you might get your RRS uicker than the order for the RR!

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