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Damaged sump

A new customer to us booked his new car (RRS MY10) in for a check over this week. He said it had an oil leak and he thinks it's the drivers side turbo oil return pipe as he's had the undertray off and can see it.

So we check over the car and find the usual suspects need sorting out;

EBM jammed
Timing belts very cracked
Both inlet manifolds weeping, ready to split
Driver's door not locking

We didn't spot it straight away, but when we went to take the timing cover off, we noticed that the top 2 bolts that go through to the inlet manifolds were snapped and you could see the cam pulleys. Then we noticed that the lifting brackets were bent inwards, which is a sign that the engine has been lifted out/in with a chain instead of a engine hoist.

Click image to enlarge

The oil return pipe was leaking, so a good candidate for the shorter verity. However, he failed to notice that the vacuum oil extraction connector was also leaking. On closer inspection after cleaning all the oil away I noticed the connector was not correct and had been changed for something else (looks like a fuel pipe connector), hence the jubilee clip. But that wasn't as bad as all the metal weld putty on the corner of the sump and the tube that the extractor pipe connect to.

Click image to enlarge

The metal weld was stopping the locking clip to engage properly, so we cleaned that off and changed the connector for the correct type.

Click image to enlarge

I'm really not a fan of the fact that this plastic connector is here right next to the sump plug, which is a good strong metal plug that won't accidently come off or get damaged. I've known some lazy technicians drain the oil by releasing this clip instead of undoing the sump plug. This is the reason we lock wire the clip to the sump.

Click image to enlarge

I don't know how the timing cover bolts broke, taking out both inlet manifolds, but I do know this is not the original engine. I suspect that whoever changed the engine dropped it and that is why the sump has been bodged with metal weld.

So far no leaks, but I've advised the customer he needs to have the sump replaced as the damage and strength of the repair can't be determined and it could give way at any time.

(Copied from disco3.com) .


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