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Lro show peterborough

Attended my first Land Rover Owners international show at Peterborough with the family on Saturday and we were very disappointed with it, How they can call it that is a joke, They should just call it the Defender and Discovery owners show! We must have seen 2 full fats and 1 Sport. All the stalls were selling parts for defenders only. Im guessing alot of you have been and experienced this in the past, My question is there any shows where theres plenty of Range Rovers? I think a 4x4 show would have more range rovers there which is embarrassing for The organisers of LRO international imo they should cover all models dont you guys think?

Post #617219 Sun Sep 12 2021 10:41pm
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United Kingdom 

It’s never been over flowing with RRS, RR or Disco 3/4 bits, it reflects life anywhere really, there’s most money in the defender/disco 1/2 market, so that’s what most concentrate on This year there were a lot of empty gaps where suppliers weren’t there, so there wasn’t many places you could get anything normal, and some of the junk on the scrappy stalls was awful, whilst prices were high, maybe not many were scrapped in the last year, hopefully it will improve next year if this virus goes away. 2015 RRS autobiography Corris Grey/Black roof
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Post #617223 Mon Sep 13 2021 6:09am
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We’ve always thought about going to a show, but for your very reasons we’ve/I never pursued going to one. Whilst I love my car and the chat on here, I could never be called a LR enthusiast. Couple of guys in work keep trying to get me to go the the Newbury show, however they live and breath LRs’. 5 years later I’ve still not been. 2006 2.7 TDV6 HSE in Cairns Blue.

Post #617229 Mon Sep 13 2021 11:40am
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LRO International is basically Defender Owners UK in reality. The magazine is just Defenders with a smattering of Disco 1 / 2 thrown in. There is an occasional item about Freelanders, Disco 3 / 4 or Full Fats (usually Classics). But it's basically a Defender magazine.

But then Defender owners seem to think that they are the only people that own Land Rovers and anything else isn't a "real Land Rover".

I wouldn't bother going to their show other than perhaps to make use of the off road course for a bit of fun - and to show that the luxury end of the range is quite capable thank you. Whistle 2012 SDV6 - it's missing a couple of cylinders
2008 TDV8 - it was a labour of love and is much missed

Post #617230 Mon Sep 13 2021 11:58am
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