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Bonnet not latching

Hi guys. So was checking water and oil levels,as you do, and afterwards I couldn’t get the bonnet closed again!!
So cleaned out the latches as described on here by another kind member but to no avail. Was slamming it and even trying to soft close it by standing on a small chair and pressing down firmly on the bonnet at the point above the latches. Much to my neighbours mirth I may add. So after much pelters from her indoors I took it down to my local mech,driving slowly I may add 😬. Couple of minutes later problem solved. So standing at the front of car arm yourself with a flat head screwdriver.
On the left hand side catch only insert the flathead just down below the front of the cam and from there you can pop the cable stopper just forward enough for the mechanisms to function the way they should. Bonnet closed and no more alarm going off when locking the vehicle. 👍 so no doubt I will need a new cable fitted eventually but hopefully this quick tip will save some members much angst and strife lol

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