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I don't know if it does. Send Gtechniq an email asking the question. I have had a few queries over the years & they answer fairly quickly. I use C4 once a year & its fine but my scuttle was never white
I heard that using a hair drier/heat gun brings the colour back but it does not last long. There are lots of youtube videos. Type in "heat restoring plastic trim to black"
Maybe use the heat method then use gtechniq to seal it in

Post #579406 Mon Apr 22 2019 11:52am
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I have no connection to this nor have I used it but I think it looks like
a very good product,,

Solution Finish Brings Black Back

review and how to..

30ml = £15 ish
340ml = £40 ish

A little cheaper than Gtechniq C4,

Just remember none of these are as permanent as they state,
even the most expensive will need to be redone after a period of time,
we are just looking to do this less often, for the right price..

JMHO.. ===========================================
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Post #579425 Mon Apr 22 2019 4:38pm
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Heatgun on faded plastics is good as well, draws the oils out of the plastic to restore them back to original colour Thumbs Up 2008 RRS 2.7TD in Stornoway grey, black leather and 22 inch alloys
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Post #579563 Wed Apr 24 2019 8:36pm
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2005 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Bonatti Grey

I've just painted mine. Fed up of using various restorers to have to do it again a few months later. Used a product called 'Buzzweld Plastic In One' (as recommended by Mikey Thumbs Up). Also decided to paint the rear tailgate release button, the front headlamp washers and the rear wiper arm.

Few points that might help:

To remove the scuttle you have to remove wiper arms. Your's may come off easily, mine did not.......tried tapping with hammer etc but then realised I needed a wiper arm puller. Probably worth getting one of these, about £12 or borrow one.

This style was useless, did not fit.....

Get one like this instead.....£11 in MachineMart..

To remove the headlamp washers there's a youtube video by Powerful UK (demo'd on a Disco3 but same setup).....they made it look easy, I had a bit of a faff....

To remove the tailgate release button, again, video from Powerful UK, easy.

A-pillar cover clips. I've read various posts detailing different part numbers etc for the clips required for the A pillar covers......I thought they'd be fine, so took a chance......broke all 6 of the white clips and 2 of the black clips....spoke to Landrover who offered to sell me a pack of 20 plastic clips for over £60!!!! Cheers!! I did some digging on here and found a part number for a complete pack, all the clips you require for both A-Pillar covers, for aboiut £12. These were the correct ones for my 2005 HSE.

The PIO stuff seems to be pretty good. I've hardly ever sprayed anything before, and other than a clean and rough up with some scotchbrite did no other prep, just sprayed srtraight on, about 4 coats. It's very forgiving and no runs. Think it was about £16. I'm pretty pleased with the result, hopefully it lasts.........



My poor photography skills doesn't do the PIO justice, it actually looks really good...

Post #598894 Wed May 13 2020 11:15pm
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