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Coronavirus Discussion/Advice/Assistance Thread

Following on from DISCO3/4 I thought I would start up a Coronavirus discussion/help thread.

On there we have separate threads and sections but for now let's see how we get on with a single place.

This thread is for general discussion about news & developments but please keep politics out of the mix.

I am currently happy for light-hearted posts, jokes etc to be put here to lighten the mood and raise a smile. As ever, nothing offensive Thumbs Up

Also please offer advice/tips/best practice or ask questions about what to do if unsure. But take care to only share confirmed good advice, not hearsay, viral Facebook posts etc. Such posts will be removed as they are likely to cause more harm than good.

Remember - for all medical concerns please consult the official GOV.UK pages: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

If you are in need of local assistance - either for yourself or for vulnerable relatives etc - then please ask.

Please don't flood it with offers of assistance, as finding who is where and can do what will end up being a mammoth task.

Post up details of what you need and where (ideally put the location in the subject), and I'm sure we as a community will do what we can to. Like this site? Buy some RRSPORT goodies to show your support!

Post #596924 Tue Mar 24 2020 11:50am
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It appears some garages are open, some closed. So considering warranties require correct service scheduling, if it becomes difficult to get a service done is this going to be good news for the warranty companies to get out of paying out if a claim is made once all this passes? 13MY Range Rover Sport Autobiography SDV6 - mine
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Post #596993 Wed Mar 25 2020 1:18pm
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This could be useful to some people if MOT is coming up. Yulong White L494 AB/DYN 3.0SDV6

Post #596994 Wed Mar 25 2020 1:42pm
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Well no MOT’s for 6 months I hope they update the computers or it could make getting your cars road tax interesting also what about insurance renewal if everyone is off work, just a thought 2008 G4 RRSport TDV8 current
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Post #596998 Wed Mar 25 2020 2:41pm
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If MOT garages are still open in mid-May, I'll be getting my MOT done on schedule. A six month wait moves it to just before Christmas. Also, if everyone in the next 6 months holds off getting theirs done, December 2020 is going to be a nightmare for the MOT testers. They'll be flat out and, no doubt, people will be fighting for slots. 2012 SDV6 - it's missing a couple of cylinders
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Post #597006 Wed Mar 25 2020 4:55pm
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