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No Sat nav sound when streaming from usb device...


I have a 2017 RRsport Autobiography and i have the following issue....

When Im playing Audio from a usb stick in the console and use the sat nav i seem to loose all satnav audio after 5 minutes of driving. I still get the lowering of music audio as i come to a junction but no sat nav voice. The sat nav works and provides video direction just no voice (sound) direction and the usb stick audio works fine.

If i power off the car and unplug the usb stick then start the car with out the usb stick, then the satnav seems to be have it self with full directional audio when playing say music via DAB

Im not convinced the USB stick is at fault as it plays music just fine from the usb stick no issue if you just want to listen to audio, it just doesnt work together with the Sat Nav and the sat nav appears to work independantly if the usb stick isnt plugged in

This all use to work well together until very recently.

The car is currently under warrantee and with the dealer. Ive suggested restoring the old software and/or trying the usb stick another car... obviously the latter will not help if its a bug in the software system...

Question: Has anyone seen behaviour before ??

Any suggestions welcome,



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