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Wheels from L320 to L494

As above, will the 20 inch wheels from a L320 RRS HSE 2012 fit on a L494 RRS HSE 2017?

I'm about to trade out of my 2012 car, which I have a spare set of OEM HST Style 3 20 inch winter wheels for (wearing 275/45 Vredstein Wintracs) and wonder if I can use them on the new car.

I think the PCD might be the same, and the offset difference is minimal

I did a quick look to see if the topic had been covered, couldn't find anything, but wondered if anyone has experience of this?

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Post #564630 Thu Sep 06 2018 12:47pm
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They will fit as long as they will clear the calipers.
Ive fitted 22's from L494 onto L320 but not 20's from L320 to L494.I know the do fit 20's from factory on them but it depends on wheel as some 19's don't clear the calipers on L320's & some do.
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Post #564634 Thu Sep 06 2018 2:16pm
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I tried fitting the 20" wheels (9.5jX20 ET53) from my L320 V8 onto my L494 V8 (9.5Jx21 ET49) with the 6 pot Brembo's and although as you say there is little difference (4mm offset) the wheel weights on the inside of the rims rubbed on the callipers taking the paint off.

Not knowing how this would also go with extreme suspension and wheel turning clearances etc, I didn't want to cause any damage, as this could be more expensive than the cost of the wheels and tyres. I could have also fitted 5mm wheels spacers, but then again are the wheel bolts long enough to accept spacer, it is a heavy vehicle with extreme forces the repair costs would be again more than the wheel and tyre costs. Therefore I aired on the side of caution, as affectively Land Rover could say that I had fitted none standard wheels and invalidated any warranty, plus my insurance could be void as well.

Therefore I have sold my 20" wheels and tyres and currently sticking to the standard ones, fitted with Pirelli all season tyres that seem to work in most conditions, as I have only been stuck once in really wet soft mud.

I hope this all helps and I found some good information on wheel-size.com, but nothing beats physically fitting and testing it yourself. good luck


Post #565194 Sat Sep 15 2018 9:31am
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