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Still cracks up up thinking about the owner of this car needing some warranty work sorted:

Calls dealer: I need to get my car looked at

Dealer: The first available appointment is a month away or with a courtesy car 60 days away

Rolling with laughter

I really do hope this one comes with a dedicated concierge kinda "look after my car service"

Post #546629 Wed Jan 24 2018 2:36pm
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Tim in Scotland wrote:
Yes I think if I had paid out > 80k for a car that I could get it booked in when it suited me and not the dealers........... at 250k I hope the service agents will come to me when I want, and I don’t mean Land Rover Assist having to come out to fix an issue.
With the number of FFRR owners around here switching to Bentley SUV’s Land Rover is going to have it’s work cut out though..... many of those owners have switched to Bentley ONLY because the Glasgow LR dealers are awful (Lookers owned but not called Lookers) and all the dealers in Glasgow are owned by the same group so it doesn’t matter where you go they are all terrible.

Tim do you have any insight to the dealers in Perth they are my closest when home in the highlands but so far never needed their services, I could have this month got my sport it's annual service there but decided to get it at Solihull as I can't fault them. My64 Supercharged Autobiography loads of issues had to bail into a:
4.4 v8 my16 it's nice but no where near the fun of my beloved scv8!

Post #546662 Wed Jan 24 2018 7:02pm
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