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daniel wrote:
I've used many of the products since I've been interested in having a clean car but you can't beat wonder wheels for the value


it says no brushing required i use a small soft paint brush for the corners but its currently 3 for 2 so an excuse to buy some more stuff Thumbs Up

I use this too. No acid Thumbs Up Visitor from fullfatrr.com
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Post #470169 Wed Aug 12 2015 12:06pm
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Iv used both bilberry and espuma, personally espuma was far easier at brake dust removal, also acid free like bilberry so works great if you've had your calipers or hubs painted. Please avoid your 'down the street' 5 wash wheels n wax!! Your doing more damage than it's worth !!
So yeah espuma for me 👍 it's all about making the job as easy as possible and for me this does just that 👌

Post #471485 Sun Aug 30 2015 10:08pm
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