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Steve j

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United Kingdom 2005 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Java Black
DAB AUX SD Bluetooth Handsfree add-on

Being 'down with the kids' I listen to Spotify a lot, and have missed streaming music in my Sport. The aux feature on my factory radio unit when my Sony handset is connected is of a very low amplification, as people have documented on here many times. My built in handsree is also developing a form of dementia, with me having to re-pair everytime I get in. Again, a well documented issue on here.

I like the sound of the factory unit, so did not want to upgrade to a different set.

I have seen the bluetooth box contraption thing from an African website that seemed to tick all my boxes, but have been far from inspired by delivery issues published by people, as well as further mentions of low audio levels.

I know people have posted and shared various work-arounds that have worked for them. I have bought a couple of different usb plug-in bluetooth devices off eBay but have found the quality to be lacking, with either ground interference or similar low audio levels.

I have now sorted a solution for myself and thought I would share on here for anybody else in a similar position to me:

I purchased an unused, secondhand DAB bluetooth BT Streaming device off eBay (£60 new eBay/amazon). Aux in with it on my factory head unit is of a decent level with my Sony handset paired to it via bluetooth, it has handsree telephone capability, FM pairing if no aux and a micro SD slot. It also (obviously) has the added bonus of allowing DAB radio via the factory headunit. I have adapted my fit slightly so as to try and avoid cable clutter around the dash area.
The DAB antenna is threaded through behind the glove box and stuck to part of the metalwork as a ground. Instructions suggest sticking it to the windscreen via the A pillar.....
I have swapped some of the packaged cables for ones with 90 degree angled heads, tucking the cabling away behind the fascia trims. I also chose to hot glue the unit flush on its own, discarding the mount that came with it, as I felt that this gave a much neater appearance.

The DAB quality is very good and the BT streaming is perfect for my requirements. Once paired it connects automatically each time I jump in the car, as you would expect from most BT devices....

With my recently upgraded satnav mapping, my 12 year old Sport is slowly being dragged into the modern world!

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