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 CTEK Comfort connector

PostThu Jan 04 2018 2:56pm
Forum: General · Replies: 9 · Views: 505 · Subject: CTEK Comfort connector
I fitted the other style of Comfort Connector, just tucked under the back edge of the bonnet, that way don't have to flip the bonnet or unlock the car to plug it in or unplug it, and just tuck's away ...
 DPF problems

PostSun Nov 19 2017 8:21pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 24 · Views: 3037 · Subject: DPF problems
pff this sounds pretty alarming. looks like dpf cars are not suitable for normal daily use. redicules!
 RRS rubber mats useless.. I just bought these instead

PostWed Nov 15 2017 4:17pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 16 · Views: 2357 · Subject: Re: RRS rubber mats useless.. I just bought these instead
The RRS rubber mats are so small... they don't extend up into the footwell so in a word they are not fit for purpose...

Square mats for a rectangular area.... bad bad design

My carpets are sat ...
 The RRS is the most unreliable car on sale today!

PostMon Nov 13 2017 4:07pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 137 · Views: 9391 · Subject: Re: The RRS is the most unreliable car on sale today
My theory is that this is retribution for ruling India during the 19th/20th centuries. Lets buy one of Britains icon brands and destroy it and show them who is boss now. What other explanation would ...
 Haunted House L320 - Nature Takes Over

PostTue Nov 07 2017 3:08pm
Forum: General · Replies: 1 · Views: 406 · Subject: Haunted House L320 - Nature Takes Over
Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing excellent idea! mine spend the last 2 years around a total of one year at the dealership. it's a shame
 The RRS is the most unreliable car on sale today!

PostThu Oct 26 2017 6:03pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 137 · Views: 9391 · Subject: The RRS is the most unreliable car on sale today!
I agree with the findings. I have always took extreme good care of my RRS. It did not help that much.
My disco's series I , II and III did slightly better, but they had V8 engines.
The RRS 3.0 TDV6 ...
 From 2018 BMW engines

PostMon Oct 09 2017 2:45pm
Forum: General · Replies: 8 · Views: 753 · Subject: From 2018 BMW engines
Not so much the 6 cilinders. they will be JLR's own ign straight 6 (like BMW
's very smooth and succesfull design).

But a V8 might indeed be purchased from BMW or AMG
 2018 SVR Official Pics

PostFri Oct 06 2017 2:21pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 106 · Views: 7580 · Subject: 2018 SVR Official Pics
to me it looks kind of vulgair and also pointless.
do you want a racing car or a proper 4x4? none of these appy to this thing.
 Discs and pads?

PostTue Oct 03 2017 3:59pm
Forum: Technical · Replies: 39 · Views: 1961 · Subject: Discs and pads?
Find some good German stuff like Zimmerman rotors and ATE pads. (OEM on BMW)
 DPF problems

PostSun Oct 01 2017 3:57pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 24 · Views: 3037 · Subject: Re: DPF problems
[quote="bluestone"]Fed up of the recurrent DPF issues with my MY16. It has been recovered by LR assist 4 times this year as they were unable to do a regeneration each time. Dealer keeps ins ...
 TDV6 and SDV6?!?

PostWed Sep 27 2017 4:08pm
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 22 · Views: 1222 · Subject: TDV6 and SDV6?!?
yes 252 versus 245 HP Shocked
 Fault Codes P006A-00 & P1247-00, Restricted Performance

PostMon Sep 25 2017 3:48pm
Forum: Technical · Replies: 17 · Views: 1430 · Subject: Fault Codes P006A-00 & P1247-00, Restricted Performance
i had the same problems, till it got worse and the DPF anex catalyst converter melted down.
I would not exclude a blocked DPF indeed
 Code P010D-00 (AF)

PostMon Sep 18 2017 3:13pm
Forum: Technical · Replies: 6 · Views: 546 · Subject: Code P010D-00 (AF)
The last 2 years I had more problems with my RRS then the 40 years I own a classic Alfa(!) not to mention my Mustang Shelby.
British cars always had a name for braking down on the road, but as long y ...
 Steering Wheel Wobble

PostSun Sep 10 2017 2:25pm
Forum: General · Replies: 19 · Views: 1532 · Subject: Steering Wheel Wobble
Put the wheels back where they came from. that might help. you should absolutely do this if your tires are directional.
then they should remain on the same side of the truck.
 New TVR Griffith

PostSun Sep 10 2017 2:12pm
Forum: Off Topic - Other Cars · Replies: 7 · Views: 890 · Subject: New TVR Griffith
The engine looks like basicly from a Ford Mustang V8 Coyote. If so , very good and lots of potential
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