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 Crankshaft Issue

PostThu Jan 17 2019 12:32pm
Forum: Technical · Replies: 25 · Views: 1613 · Subject: Crankshaft Issue
Look a my mails from 2016/2017. I had the same experience at 120.000 K. At that time my car was 5 years old.
JLR offererd me -as a long time customer with a track record of JLR maintainance- a new e ...
 my 310,000 mile Sport

PostWed Jan 16 2019 4:09pm
Forum: My Range Rover Sport · Replies: 9 · Views: 446 · Subject: my 310,000 mile Sport
Great to hear some good news!
But obviously no DPF truck
 Snapped crank 2019 sweepstake

PostFri Jan 11 2019 9:12pm
Forum: General · Replies: 26 · Views: 1016 · Subject: Snapped crank 2019 sweepstake
I 'll guess 5
 DPF Regeneration and Oil Dilution

PostFri Jan 11 2019 9:07pm
Forum: Technical · Replies: 7 · Views: 378 · Subject: DPF Regeneration and Oil Dilution
Passive DPF regenerations ( when the DPF is hot enough) does not lead to oil dilution.
Oil dilution is the result of not completed active regenerations, when extra fuel enters the cilinders.
Afte ...
 Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid

PostSat Jan 05 2019 6:15pm
Forum: Off Topic - Other Cars · Replies: 9 · Views: 342 · Subject: Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid
A very nice car indeed, Volvo designers take the right direction IMO, while range Rover is looking to much to Asian taste and Chinese market share.. In that context ,it is remarkable that Volvo resem ...
 Petition to JLR re. engine failures - PLEASE READ & SIGN

PostTue Jan 01 2019 2:36pm
Forum: Faults & Fixes · Replies: 41 · Views: 1411 · Subject: Petition to JLR re. engine failures - PLEASE READ & SIGN
 Sharon Davies RRS- Sport burnt to a crisp

PostTue Jan 01 2019 2:31pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 13 · Views: 1049 · Subject: Sharon Davies RRS- Sport burnt to a crisp
A faulty diesel DPF can also burn down a car
 service schedule & advice on buying SDV6

PostSun Dec 16 2018 12:48pm
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 24 · Views: 787 · Subject: service schedule & advice on buying SDV6
Four different tires on a 2013 Range Rover Sport says also something about the care this car was given. Any serious JLR dealership or Indy would disapprove this. It might not be illegal, but it is b ...
 Winter Tyres (and wheels) for SVR

PostTue Dec 11 2018 8:34am
Forum: Wheels & Tyres · Replies: 13 · Views: 504 · Subject: Winter Tyres (and wheels) for SVR
Goodyear Ultragrip gen 1 seems a good tyre at a reasonable price.

https://www.camskill.co.uk/m107b0s7655p156974/Goodyear_Tyres_Winter_Snow_SUV_4x4_Goodyear_UltraGrip_Performance_Gen1_-_275_40_R22_1 ...
 Service (Additional Oil)

PostSat Nov 24 2018 10:56pm
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 14 · Views: 752 · Subject: Service (Additional Oil)
C2 is for DPF cars allowed if C1 difficult to find. See the LR owners manual.
The difference between C1 and C2 oils is the ash content. C1 max 0.5, C2 max 0.8 (see ACEA )

I studied the differen ...
 Valet Pin on - Just purchased car.

PostFri Nov 09 2018 10:40am
Forum: Technical · Replies: 9 · Views: 564 · Subject: Valet Pin on - Just purchased car.
How about 2121
 Correct Fuel filter?

PostTue Oct 30 2018 3:04pm
Forum: Maintenance & Modifications · Replies: 4 · Views: 422 · Subject: Correct Fuel filter?
The first picture is definitly the fuel filter for a 3.0TDV6
I am not a TDV8 specialist, but if I am not wrong, the second one on the picture might be the right one for your car.
 Crankshaft question

PostSun Oct 14 2018 12:17pm
Forum: General (L494) · Replies: 6 · Views: 744 · Subject: Crankshaft question
Make sure you got everything from the dealer on paper in detail before you buy. A reference to JLR warranty or a generic commitment of the dealership is apparently not enough.
 AJD-V6 Crankshaft Recall

PostFri Oct 12 2018 6:05pm
Forum: Technical · Replies: 11 · Views: 1103 · Subject: AJD-V6 Crankshaft Recall
I would call this EU customer discrimination, Shame on JLR!
 Engine ticking

PostWed Aug 29 2018 8:16pm
Forum: Faults & Fixes · Replies: 3 · Views: 751 · Subject: Engine ticking
I am afraid not. Will take at least a day of work by a professional tech.
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