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3.5 TDV8

This is my very first post on here, so please go easy if the questions I'm asking have been covered already.

Having read discussion on here about the impending launch of the 3.5 TDV8 I asked the question when placing my £1k deposit for a delivery date of November and final spec placed in late August.

I was told that there were "without a shadow of a doubt" no intentions to launch a 3.5 TDV8 either this year or the first part of next year. I asked them to confirm this with landrover as I would be one very unhappy bunny if I ordered a TDv6 only to find out I could have had a TDv8.

They confirmed this with landrover and I went on my way.

I would be very interested to hear any further comment on this as I'm going back next week for a test drive and will bring the subject up again if I am armed with better information.

Many Thanks

Post #917 Mon Jul 11 2005 1:12pm
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I doubt we will see a "TDV8" by year-end. As with any unannounced product or change, generally anything you hear will be unreliable and should be considered "rumor" quality.

Post #920 Mon Jul 11 2005 3:19pm
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This is what I read in Autocar re the proposed V8 Diesel.....................

The mighty Range Rover and Range Rover Sport arenít being ignored either. Our spies spotted a development car powered by an all-new 3.6-litre V8 turbodiesel, to be built at Fordís Dagenham plant. Itís thought that the engine will be good for around 250bhp and well over 400lb ft of torque.

Volume production should begin in November and around 35,000 engines should be made in a full year. Itís expected to be fitted to the Range Rover Sport later this year and the Range Rover in 2006. Ford is at the cutting edge of diesel engine design with this engineís block, which is made from Compacted Graphite Iron (GGI). Industry experts say that as the massive fuel injection pressures found in modern diesel engines increase even further, CGI will also be used for cylinder heads instead of aluminium.

A Range Rover with hybrid power is also being planned to offset the criticisms of anti-4x4 campaigners, a top-level Land Rover source has revealed. The favoured option is a diesel/electric system, If itís signed off soon the hybrid could be in the showrooms by 2009.

Here is the Link to the full story:-


Very Happy 

Post #921 Mon Jul 11 2005 3:49pm
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Over at Landrovernet.com (site is down at the moment) there was a thread about this very same topic.

One forum member is currently working on that new V8 Diesel engine and he was very firm in that there is no chance whatsoever for this engine to be fitted to Land Rovers for at least another year.

So there you are and the other thing we can be sure about is that it will first go into the proper RR replacing BMW's TD6. RRS will have to wait for a bit longer.


Post #922 Mon Jul 11 2005 4:47pm
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I have informations that the engine is runing at the nurburgring for the last tests before it go to production. It's said that it is very very quiet and more than the Tdv6 which is already one of the quietest engine on the market. Regarding delivery date, it's very difficult to know because so much informations are contradictory but the last one is that it could arrive sooner than we think and finally maybe this year ?! Nobody knows

Post #932 Tue Jul 12 2005 10:55am
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