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talktalk WTF

Moving to Lincolnshire at the end of the month so just getting all my ducks in line, so contact talktalk to have broadband/phone account transferred guess what they don't offer there service where we are moving to Big Cry
OK I said so I just cancel our contract and find another provider Thumbs Up OH NO they say it's not that simple as you are technically canceling your contract you have to give 30 days notice or see if the new owner will take your talktalk line as we have to get openreach disconnect the service from you line Censored
So my gripe is this
(1) It's not my fault they can't offer me a talktalk service there
(2) What if the new owner dosn't want talktalk
(3) They are telling me I have to delay completion till talktalk tell me I can move in your Censored dreams pal
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Think I see a pattern here

Post #576766 Sat Mar 09 2019 10:09pm
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Firms like this do deserve to be castigated. They have two choices:
1. To stick by the letter of their (stupid) rules and risk loosing a loyal customer, and one that will tell his friends how bad they are. They will then spend thousands of pounds of their marketing budget trying to get you back or
2. Explain that its not their normal policy but of course they'd be delighted to help in anyway they can and so just allow you to pay for the service you've had and hope they can contact you when they do offer the service. After all, it can't be something that happens very often so won't cost them anything like the loss of business they will get from you telling everyone how awful they are. Robin
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Post #576810 Sun Mar 10 2019 2:05pm
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