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England 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV6 S Orkney Grey
Newbie here, Gearbox fault!

Hi all,

Had my Range Rover sport 2008 TDv6 since January and love it to bits, but I have an issue with the gearbox which all started when I had some Dr Tranny put in the to stop the judder I was getting as a temp fix until I could get it in for a flush and a TC,

So had a local 'LR' expert put the DR Tranny in for me and he returned my car saying that I now have an issue with the car changing into 5th gear and coming up with a fault! (Before the car went to him it only had the judder issue and selected all gears absolutely fine)

The car currently drives fine but under medium to hard acceleration will now fault and give me the limited gears available fault, had the codes read and they are - P0730 incorrect gear ratio - P0735 Gear 5 incorrect ratio, sometimes it wont fault but will get a thumping noise as the gearbox changes from 5th to 6th without it bringing it to fault

Ive had a megaflush done on the car yesterday and drove fine for about 40 mins and then went back into fault state

Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated on this

Can anyone recommend a place to take it to for repair that wont cost the earth Laughing

Thanks in advance

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