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Ezituper wrote:
Ok so I fixed her, after even the Indy had no clue

It's actually my fault but an explanation may help someone to not run up a garage bill

I remember my right rear ride height sitting a bit low so used by obd dongle thingy to lift it, I've done this a few times.

Anyway, I now see it's a piece of uneven ground I park on regularly that pushes up the right rear!!

Basically my constant height alteration on one wheel took the suspension out of tolerance and gave me all the faults

Reset to factory, reset to my saved heights, and all fixed

Lesson learned by an airbag newbie with access to a modification toy 😇

I`ve just found this thread.. I wonder if I have a similar cause as my drive is uneven and my rear drivers wheel is always higher than others. Btw....my DSC light just come on again when I was doing 70 mph. I reckon if I don`t sort this issue soon, it`ll be going! Steve.

Post #548042 Thu Feb 08 2018 4:31pm
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