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Finland 2006 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Rimini Red
air suspension front leaking

rrs 06 bought it in the summer noticed directly that the front was in acsess height in the mornings. but directly when i started the car it came up to standard height. but now the yellow varning light comes on after a couple of hours because it has lowered itself in the front not all the way down to accsess height gradually sinking. thougt it would be the front valve block. changed that no diffrence. the compressor is only one year old and the same for the shocks. tryed remowing fuse 26 over night slightly lower in front right. tryed soaping the front valve and shock no bubbles. when i clear faultcodes with nanocom it comes back to normal height and yellow light goes away for a couple of hours. getting fault codes: C1A13 , UO132 , UO421. but i dont understand what that got to do with the front sinking!!! ideas?? airleaks? shocks leaking?

Post #545871 Sun Jan 14 2018 6:52pm
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