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Warren G

Member Since: 09 Mar 2010
Location: Herts
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Turbo issue........

Hi all,

On my 3rd RRS and i purchased a 2014 in June this year with just 16k on the clock.

Full Land Rover service history.

Its just clocked 20k and the warning light had come on. Its been in to a local dealer (2 weeks ago) and they said something about a split pipe. This they sorted under 'Goodwill' as warranty run out in March. They took it out for a test drive and just as returned to garage light came back on with loss of power/turbo.

A technician looked at it and said sound like possible sensor but needed a level 4 technician to look at it. Took a few days to get back to me and was told its the turbo but should be sorted under goodwill as it should not go wrong.

Now i been told today that its the actuator (he said the turbo is fine) and the whole turbo needs replacing with the actuator?

Said the actuator itself cant be replaced on it own????

Post #543165 Mon Dec 11 2017 3:11pm
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Member Since: 02 Sep 2015
Location: North Wales & North Yorkshire
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Wales 2012 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Lux Sumatra Black

Did you purchase this from a LR Dealership? As they always come with two year warranty.
Not heard of garages selling this vehicle at its price range with less than a years warranty, I would chase the up where you purchased it as it should be covered for a year, which you indicated it isn’t that old yet. Whistle John

RRS MY12 SDV6 HSE. Sumatra Black/Ebony & Walnut + Dynamic Pack, + Cold Climate Pack + Memory Pack, Digital TV/DVD, Premium Leather, Cornering Lights, Cooler/Fridge Box, & most Options.

Post #543166 Mon Dec 11 2017 3:17pm
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Member Since: 06 Jul 2012
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United Kingdom 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Java Black

Johnski has a good point.

Regardless of the warranty situation - you should ask the garage to check the actuator rod linkage for free movement. It is a common problem that the rod linkage seizes and gives the issue you are having along with a loss of power.

The fix is to get access to the linkage and lubricate whilst working it through its range of movement. If the garage you are using don't know what this is all about - take it somewhere else.

As you are in Hertfordshire you might be near the independent that looks after my car: http://www.landersgarage.co.uk/ 2008 MY Java Black TDV8 HSE

Post #543178 Mon Dec 11 2017 5:22pm
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