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Largest Physical Tyre Size

Morning All!!

I know this topic has been discussed to death, but, I'm trying to get a definitive answer on this, and despite searching here and elsewhere I've not found it. What in peoples experience is the largest tyre you can fit on a 2006 RRS SC without modifications??

I'm interested in tyre sizes over 285/50R20 as I ran these on stock rims no problem. This equates to a 31.2" diameter and 11.2" width. Also ran 275/40R22s which are slightly smaller.

So has anybody ran a "taller" tyre? Say 275/45R22 which equates to 31.8" in diameter? Looking at the arches this should fit but would like some reassurance from people who've ran somethin larger than a 285/50R20 tyre.

Thanks in advance

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