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United Kingdom 2005 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Java Black
"A' Glaze Plus after 12 years + Question?

Hi, I always was surprised how good my Java Black paintwork was after 12 years of being on the road (I have had the car for just over 1 year).
No swirls and looking really fresh.
I've just noticed a certificate in the back of the owners manual for "A" Glaze Plus paint sealant applied by Auto Chemical Holdings back in 2005 (when the car was 3 months old).
I've had a look on their website and they claim to be certified by Airbus and Boeing and their coating doubles the life of their long haul airliners!
I was looking at getting a ceramic paint coating to protect the finish and was looking at the Gtechique crystal serum system until I discovered mine had had the "A" Glaze (which lasts for "5 years").

So my question is, does anybody have any experience of this product as i have not heard of it before but now I am know I am really pleased with it despite it being well past it's lifetime?

Also if I was to get this done again would it require polishing through the product and require full paint correction?

Many thanks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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