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BMW Comfort Access - Theft

Just been watching a video were a BMW is parked on the drive and they hold a black, plate up to the house door, which unlocks the car, and then moving it about it boost the signal from the keys to allow the car to start

Buy all accounts it a hack that the comfort access system is used, the plate boosts the keyfobs signal and they steal the car with ease

Sorry no Youtube links found, but here's the FB page link if you wish to see


Posted as a warning if you have a similar car/setup Shocked

Post #538198 Fri Oct 13 2017 10:14am
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It’s the keyless entry / keyless go that is vulnerable on all cars as far as I m aware.

Range Rover are no different.

Any keyless system - requires the keys to constantly emit a low power frequency signal, so the thieves are simply amplifying that signal and tricking the car to believing the key is present .

Keep your keys away from your front door and preferably in a metal box or pouch, steering lock at the very least, a ghost will defeat this very method. 2017 Svr and 2018 Svr 😂

Post #538199 Fri Oct 13 2017 10:26am
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It impacts any car with keyless entry. Thieves work in pairs and use an amplifier and receiver. One thief stands by the car with the receiver, the second thief walks around the outside of your house using the amplifier which grabs the signal being emitted from your key and passes it to the first thief's receiver. The receiver stores the signal and tricks the car to thinking the key is in the car. The car opens and can be driven away.

Press article with full video of the crime here: http://metro.co.uk/2017/04/29/thieves-coul...r-6605444/ Plus many more if you search.

The device is fully demonstrated in a video shown on NBC. They used it slightly differently, but its the same device: https://www.youtube.com/embed/nozGBpdBzog

The result: keeping your fob in your pocket or in the house is now useless, even most metal tins don't work.

It's why I bought one of these... http://amzn.to/2ssRNrC which my keys now live in when I'm not driving. It totally blocks the key's signal, and with the keys in the pouch even when I'm stood directly next to my RRS it can't be opened. Oh and I use a Disklok also. SOLD - MY16 SDV6 Autobiography Dynamic - Fire Engine Red, Fixed contrast pan roof, TV, Dual Screen, 5+2, Privacy, Noble paddles.

Post #538801 Fri Oct 20 2017 3:40pm
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I also have the pouch like KMPowell has,,plus tracker & ghost autowatch will be next.Ive just tried the pouch out with both fobs in it & tried getting in car but it wouldn’t open so they def work.

Andy. Andy.

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Post #538807 Fri Oct 20 2017 5:38pm
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Here is where I liked my Mercedes, the start button inside is removable so I used to take it out when the car was not in use. So even if someone got a signal from my keys and opened the car they would not be able to start it. Thanks KM for the link I've just ordered one MY17 SDV6 HSE Dynamic Yulong White and ivory leather.

Post #538808 Fri Oct 20 2017 5:48pm
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