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Rotary knob models - stuck in Park and EPB release info

1. Rotary gear selector stuck in Park: The rotary knob type (later sport) has a red lever under the cup holder (easy to lift out the way). This is the release from the gearbox being in park (maybe after a flat battery) and you can't use the gear selector. No force need to use this one.

2. Handbrake (EPB) stuck on: The EPB emergency release is still the old wire loop. This is located under the EPB switch in the centre console. Lift off the flappy bit of plastic in the well of the switch with your finger to expose a pair of screws holding the switch in place. You need a T10 torx to undo these and don't drop them unless you want to dismantle the entire centre console to retrieve! Now lift the switch up (still attached to a cable plug) and in the very narrow gap, you can just about make out the wire loop.

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