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Member Since: 08 Apr 2012
Location: Dundee, Scotland
Posts: 2943

United Kingdom 
New Workshop!

After a little over 12 months, I seem to have outgrown my workshop, and will be moving at some point in August

Not far, just the other side of the road

Bit more space for a 2nd, and eventually a 3rd ramp, big car park, big office Thumbs Up MMP Land Rover - Land Rover + Range Rover Specialist

Unit 9, 42 Baird Avenue

Alive Tuning Authorised Dealer - Performance Tuning + EGR Deletes

Servicing + Repairs / Fault Diagnostics / EU3+EU4 EGR Blanking / Brakes Serviced/Replaced / Timing Belt + Oil Pump Replacement

Software Updates+Upgrades:
4x4 Info Enable / Sat Nav OTM / 3 Flash indicators / RRS Timed Climate Retrofit

Post #530378 Sat Jul 15 2017 7:35am
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Tim in Scotland

Member Since: 30 May 2005
Location: Driving along in my automobile
Posts: 15923

2013 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Stornoway Grey

Congratulations - obviously a good indie is a service that is needed in the Dundee area! 2018 Melting Silver Mini Countryman PHEV on order for April delivery, bye bye Land Rover after 21 years and 11 LR products..... all because you won’t give me reassurance that should my SDv6 crankshaft break because of a design fault, not MY fault, but the engine builders fault - it will be replaced for free.
2015MY Corris Grey SDv6 HSE Dynamic, but not for much longer........
Also in my garage is a 1996 TDi300 Defender 90 County HT made into a fake CSW

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Post #530384 Sat Jul 15 2017 7:47am
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Member Since: 20 Jun 2017
Location: Forfar
Posts: 66

United Kingdom 2011 Range Rover Sport SDV6 SE Vesuvius Orange

Congratulations, I've only just got my car but I suspect I'll be popping round to see you at some point to discus next years big service and perhaps a remap at some point. I'm just up the road near Forfar so not to far away.

Post #530390 Sat Jul 15 2017 9:02am
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