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Tim in Scotland

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BA computer issues

So the issues a week ago were caused by "a technician unplugging then powering up the system" which he was not authorised to do - err in the best BA excuse tradition it still doesn't figure - BA doesn't run data centres on PC's they use main frames that don't plug in and I'm sure that the circuit breakers will have been labelled.............. probably with a label that says "Never switch off" Anyway isn't the first instruction from iT experts and computer technicians when fault finding "Have you switched your computer off and back on?" Mr. Green 2018 Melting Silver Mini Countryman PHEV - a test car before Seeing if I could go to totally Petrol/Diesel free motoring
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Post #527686 Tue Jun 06 2017 5:32am
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I don't believe it IMOP there was more to the story. I work in IT/ data centres, and power issue by an employee may well of started the ball rolling Embarassed but I very much suspect it was not the total failure. We have had power and other faults trigger the DR (disaster recovery) systems to fail over. These system have been poorly configured/tested and in the past we had the failed computer still running processing the same data queues Rolling Eyes My mate works for IBM data centres managing DR for big players paying £££££££, constant sub outsourcing policy and training/skills issues are a big problem (guys pushed by the company into jobs with no skills/experience to back up the role Shocked

Post #527687 Tue Jun 06 2017 6:34am
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