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Oman 2006 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Vesuvius Orange
Off Road Modified Sport

OUt and about over the weekend and this Sport pulled up along side of me before heading towards the motorway.

As you can see the wheel arches and various other bits have been heavily modified to aid the fitment of what I presume are some seriously large rubber as those are 20inch rims...

Not sure how he has manged the lift, but I can tell you that the front wheel well linings are gone and I get the impression the body is lifted, but, I thought that wasn't possible on these cars...

Also the general quality seems very good. I wish I could have got some more close up photos and the wheels arches look spot on. Hopefully I'll see the car again and get to speak to the guy Very Happy


Guy 2006 RRS S/C CONSTANTLY under modification...
1994 RRC 4.2l not LSE sadly gone but not forgotten
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Post #524899 Sun Apr 30 2017 7:52am
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