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Australia 2006 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Bonatti Grey

Just thought I would give a little information about my weekend trip to Bathurst for the 'Great Race'.
I had competed at the venue several times a number of years ago. This was a spur of the moment decision as I normally would have work and other commitments.
Took the 2006 RRSs/c which has just had a set of near new STD 2015 wheels and 255/55/20 Pirrelli Verde All Season tyres fitted.
I had also just fitted a new aftermarket GPS to try and keep to the speed limits.
I had done the trip before but it was sending the long(wrong?)but quickest way. Up the HUME all the way to Lachland Valley Way, then across via Cowra to Bathurst. I thought I was so close to Canberra I might see Garrycol !!!

The RRS was a pleasure to drive over that distance and didn't miss a beat. Great for overtaking when it was required.
The only problems related to trying to keep it under/or somewhat near the speed limits.
Just a slight touch on the pedal and suddenly its jumped from 110 to 119.
So lets try the Cruise Control. Well if you can call it that !!!
Set at 110 it went anywhere between 102 and 118 depending on the ups and downs. My Auto Transmission Specialist (who I ran into up there -100,000 to 1 chance) said lots of these SUV's with 6spd/8/spd transmisions have the same problem because there is not enough engine braking when going downhill.
I am not entirely buying it.
I have another AWD SUV that has the same ZF 6spd transmission and when you set the cruise control it only varies 1kph not 16kph. Luckily I escaped the cluthes of the Law this time.
What a pain those concrete sections of the HUME in NSW are. Made the tyres very noisy.
On the way home used 100lts for the 720klms from Cowra. So thats 7.2 klms per ltr or 20.34mpg UK . I am sure the bigger tyres helped as I was rarely going over 2000rpm.

Post #476119 Mon Oct 12 2015 12:10pm
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Australia 2010 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 HSE Fuji White

Do not find the Hume to bad Cracka, try the M5, jeez that is a nightmare Smile Another Pommie Bar Steward down under

3.0 TDv6 Fuji/Ebony/Anigre, locking Diff thingy, Towpack, sunroof, rear camera, high beam annoyance and a very brand new $25 Supercheap Auto cargo net... plus.. wait for it.. OL bull bar, winch, lightforce driving lights, LR raised intake/snorkel, bash plates, rock sliders and step out protection bars.. ATR tyres.. Hibernating.....

2.7 RRS TDv6, Zermatt/Ebony GONE.AGES AGO.....

Post #485194 Tue Jan 19 2016 7:24am
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