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Member Since: 20 Mar 2006
Location: Currently Hong Kong, sometimes Sydney, Whitsundays or occasionally sunny Buckinghamshire
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Australia 2010 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 HSE Fuji White
Reversing and Parking Woes

Another dink on the Sport, a Rav4 (female) driver with a lack of spatial awareness skills decided
to reverse into the parking space in front and failed to hear the large bang has she collided with
the Sport, and continued to accelerate in reverse whilst firmly perched on my front bumper Evil or Very Mad
she only stopped when i hit the horn Rolling with laughter

The only damage visible is a cracked number plate cover and the driving lights are pushed back,
so hopefully adjustable back to their normal position .. the OL bar seems far tougher than the
standard LR plastic affair Laughing Whistle Another Pommie Bar Steward down under

3.0 TDv6 Fuji/Ebony/Anigre, locking Diff thingy, Towpack, sunroof, rear camera, high beam annoyance and a very brand new $25 Supercheap Auto cargo net... plus.. wait for it.. OL bull bar, winch, lightforce driving lights, LR raised intake/snorkel, bash plates, rock sliders and step out protection bars.. ATR tyres.. Hibernating.....

2.7 RRS TDv6, Zermatt/Ebony GONE.AGES AGO.....

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