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Sirrel Squirrel

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Tracker Warning

Just thought I'd share my experience with Aviva today just before going off to pick up my nice shiny 2011 RRS HSE Luxury Very Happy

Aviva mandated that I get a tracker fitted before they'll cover it, so I asked if there was a particular model or brand that they recommend and they said just get a Thatcham approved one.

I looked around on the Internet and found the Tracker Retrieve product, had a read up on it and it sounded like it fit the bill as it is Thatcham Cat 6 approved.

I had the tracker fitted and rang up Aviva to switch the cars over and inform them I'd had the tracker fitted, they then asked me what model and guess what, they said it isn't one that they approve!

Thankfully they listened back to my previous call and found that I had been ill-advised and on this occasion they said they would cover me.

So in short, make sure if you have to get a tracker fitted that you check with the insurance company first as even if you get a Thatcham approved one they may not cover it!

Post #428537 Thu Jun 26 2014 6:49pm
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United Kingdom 2013 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 HSE Rimini Red

Aviva are a pain in the ass for that. I had the same problem with a full fat, they insisted on a tracker so I had to go and have tracker retrieve fitted (they didn't tell ME it wasn't on their list?). When I renewed I went with another, much cheaper provider and of all the quotes I got, NOBODY else wanted a tracker. Perhaps they have a stake in the companies! Range Rover Sport 3.0 SDV6 HSE Dynamic 2016 MY
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Post #428541 Thu Jun 26 2014 7:11pm
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Milk Float Man

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I was with aviva last year and they insured brand new black edition without tracker but I had to reject vehicle and get replacement - they then said I needed tracker for identical vehicle when I rang to change reg number Shocked

They waived tracker for first 12 months when I complained but wanted it this year so now gone with admiral as tracker not required Rolling Eyes

In 2010 when I bought last sport privilege asked for tracker so I went with admiral then too but second year privilege didn't want tracker and were cheaper so went back Confused

Elddis fit tracker retrieve as standard on crusaders and first year subscription included but it is a basic system and doesn't alert you so not sure how much benefit it gives - pretty sure Censored know where it is and will remove it before theft is discovered Sad 


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Post #428572 Thu Jun 26 2014 8:57pm
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