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Member Since: 26 May 2005
Location: Northumberland
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United Kingdom 2005 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Rimini Red
Waiting lists

I am getting a bit P***ed off with my dealer. I told them I definitely wanted a RRS in January and they said they already had a list of others who wanted one. I was told then it would be July-ish before I would get one. They still haven't asked me to commit to a final specification (colour / accessories etc) despite me offering to do so for a couple of months now. They now say I shouldn't expect to get a RRS until September. At no time have they asked for a deposit (but they never did when I ordered the Disco 3 about a year ago which I finally collected in November 04). I do know them pretty well though...

How long do you guys expect to wait for your RRS ? Other than Tim who seems to have walked in off the street and bought one there and then !!!!

Post #406 Sat Jun 18 2005 6:58pm
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Member Since: 16 Jun 2005
Location: Cheltenham
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United Kingdom 2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Autobiography Firenze Red


i placed my order last November, with deposit, knowing it would be at least May before I would see it. Then in march found out it would be mid June and now finally the car is at the dealers worshop being prepped ready for Tuesday. I did get a brief drive in a supercharged on June 2nd, but only 10 mins, but that was long enough to find out it is a lot louder than the TDV6. good job i want a loud sports suv! already have a supercharged v8 range rover, but in a slightly different league. When i find out how i will put up some pictures and believe me, that sprintex blower sucking through those big su's makes the most glorious noise !!!


Post #407 Sat Jun 18 2005 8:23pm
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Member Since: 26 May 2005
Location: Preston,
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This seems to be the same for every body I have spoken too, that has Placed an order for a RRS.
The people I met in Manchester from the different dealerships in the area, the business acquiantaces I have spoken to, the people from all over the world on the forums.

I too like you Smarticus have almost told my dealer to stuff it, like Andrew I have been asked what model, paint colour, interior colour in january 2005, been promised a car in May, then early June now late June. I parted with my hard earned 1000.00 last year and still think that the dealer struggles to let people know whats going on.

I had to ask could I have a test drive in a RRS, would have thought out of decency he would have rung me and asked if I would like a test drive!

I have come to the conclusion that it really is not all the dealers fault and most of the blame should be laid at Land Rovers feet. Many options advertised cant be orderd because they are either not ready for the vehicle or are not readily available due to low stocks,is this what you would call good marketing.I certainly would not.

The poor dealers have to keep the customer hanging around to make money out of them while not knowing very much themselves, just read the various forums and the countless tales that people recount about telling dealers about this extra and that fault and the dealer looking blank, because they to seem to be kept in the dark.

Tim in Scotland is I consider to be very lucky if he was able to negotiate a deal with his dealer then thats the way it is.

Yes I was surprised that this can happen when people have been waiting for the RRS for over half a year now but if I was given the chance that Tim had I think I would have said no. I want the RRS built to my personal taste, Tim in Scotland was lucky and by all accounts it suits his taste very well. Smile

If it were possible to charge the interest on my 1000.00 to compensate for for every stage of inconvenience I have had then that would be brilliant I am wondering how much each dealer or Land Rover (Ford) have made out of our money.("Sir, free carpet mats no thats not possible") Well give me some interest back and ill buy my own Laughing Laughing Laughing

But at the end of the day when the car comes all this will be forgotten and be in the past and I will have the car that I have talked about, raved about, dreamed about worked very hard for, parked on my drive for the world to see.
That is what counts for me. Its out there somewhere. Second V10 Treg on the drive at the moment.

Post #409 Sat Jun 18 2005 9:29pm
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Tim in Scotland

Member Since: 30 May 2005
Location: Driving along in my automobile
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2013 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Stornoway Grey

I have one other advantage over virually everybody else here..................
and no I am not an LR dealer or salesman. In the last 11 yearsI have bought 5 Land Rovers from this dealer -2 Discos, 1 Defender, 1 Freelander and 1 TD6 RR. I have a very good relationship with them and have only ever had one issue with their servicing and that was resolved entirely to my satisfaction.
This dealership has given priority to repeat customers and also they have no waiting list for buyers except those who want to order a special spec from the factory that they don't have in stock. They had to commit themselves to ordering a heap of cars before the launch in specs they felt would be able to sell easily........... ok so they might not have the spec that exactly matches what you are looking for, but I am sure that you could live without some of the factory fitted extras that most of you want.
Bear in mind also that the local dealership is a rural one.............. they don't have the sales potential that a dealership like Guy Salmon who are situated in heavily populated parts of the UK and have 1000's of folks all wanting a new model.
I am pretty certain that if you came up to Scotland and visited a couple of dealers while you were on holiday you could probably find the car in the spec that your local dealer tells you there is a 22 week wait for! You should also ask you local dealer to utilise the LR computerised vehicle locator to search all UK dealers stock lists............... it maybe that the spec you are waiting for is sitting unwanted at a dealership at the other end of the UK!

Remember what happened when the new SLK, Volvo XC90 and BMW X5's first hit the UK market. Many dealerships didn't even have one 6 months after the UK launch, and were also charging more than list price for those cars......................... A friend of mine ordered an XC90 from the local Volvo dealer (and he was also a repeat customer) and he had to pay a deposit and then waited 10 months after ordering it, just to see (no test drives were permitted) one in the showroom and then another 7 months for his car to appear at the dealer. 17 months from ordering to delivery!

Post #418 Mon Jun 20 2005 11:18am
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