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Switzerland 2009 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Java Black
Max Beck, Schaan, Liechtenstein


In December I received my RRS TDV8 from Max Beck in Schaan, Liechtenstein, and I am absolutely impressed with the pre-sales, the sales, as well as the delivery service of this dealership.

In 2002 I bought a Freelander from the LR dealership in Wooburn Green (Bucks), and at that time I swore that I would never buy another LR. Thankfully I eventually did, and the dealer in Schaan has restored my faith in LR. It is a completely different experience.

Max Beck was particularly helpful in buying my old car, a '04 Lexus RX300, as well as the particular needs I had. I tested the RRS several times, and everytime for a day or two. I initially contacted Emil Frey in St. Gallen, and they were no near as helpful, espeically when it came to the trade-in value of my Lexus.

The prices in Switzerland are pretty fixed, it is not really a bargaining country, but Max Beck really did all to make sure I was a happy customer. The even matched the price of the Lexus I wanted, as well as gave me all the doiscounts they were able to give.

There has not been any DOA issues, but they promplty repalced the rubber mats because one of them had lost the "display"-only bolts. Also, I had bought wintertires from antoher vendor, and they switched the tires without charge, and offered to store the summertires over the winter.

Finally they really went out of their way to make sure they found me the old audio connectivity kit, so I would have a cradle for my iPod.

Big thumbs up!!!

KB RRS TDV8, black with ivory.

Post #207899 Fri Jan 23 2009 2:06pm
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Good one! Thumbs Up 

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Post #207905 Fri Jan 23 2009 2:09pm
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Thumbs Up

PS: Emil Frey = Banging Head 
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