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Member Since: 08 Apr 2012
Location: Dundee, Scotland
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United Kingdom 

Mine has this shunt too Rolling Eyes
So far, it has had replaced (because it was all needing it, not just to cure the shunt...)

All 8 suspension arms
All hub bushes/ARB links + bushes
New gearbox and TC
New transfer box
Rebuilt front diff
New rear propshaft

Next part to be attacked is the rear diff. Has a nasty whine now, and metallic fragments in the oil/drain plug

Big Cry

Post #483422 Mon Dec 28 2015 8:36pm
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Member Since: 29 Dec 2015
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United Kingdom 

Same thing happens with my RRS at low Speed. Forecasting Services

Post #483455 Tue Dec 29 2015 12:34pm
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Member Since: 28 Dec 2015
Location: Cumbria
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United Kingdom 2006 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Java Black

Yeah I'm under the impression that the double flush is seen as the most efficient/effective way of clearing the gearbox ready for the new lubricant.

As soon as I mentioned the shunt symptoms to the guy in the garage he said he was 99% sure that the double flush would clear the problem. I would strongly recommend this to anyone with these symptoms.

Post #483654 Thu Dec 31 2015 5:35pm
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Member Since: 03 Jun 2013
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England 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Siberian Silver

Hello Everyone,

I finally got my RRS 2009 HSE sorted with this drive-line shunt - It eventually annoyed me enough to get it done.

1st we looked at the universal joint between the prop-shafts and that was fine. Cover plate off and an inspection by my local garage said all OK - Thats was at no cost.....

I then asked the RR Specialist (not main dealer as they are complete spanners) to do this double flush operation and after having the car back for 3 days I can say that its 90% better than it was. I'm not sure its 100% cured but you really have to try hard to get it to shunt now which I'm happy with.

Cost was circa �360 inc VAT but it involved filters / oil and other bits so all in all quite acceptable. I hope this helps everyone who has this annoying issue that Land Rover claim to be completely normal. It isn't and can be cured.....

Thumbs Up

This only lasted for a while and the thud came back ! Grrrr

Post #509579 Tue Nov 08 2016 11:07am
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Member Since: 18 Oct 2017
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Bosnia Herzegovina 2010 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 HSE Bourneville


I am old/new here Smile
Owner of RRS 2010 HSE, 111 000 KM on the clock
Having same problem as You all have and that is knocking, clunking, drive line shunt...etc.
Car is phenomenal, but this issue is not present even in 30 Years old Toyota wit 500 000 on clock, so it is ruining drive feel of the car.
Bought car at 79 000 Km, did not have shunt problem.
around 90 000 km problem appeared and since than, i am in constant search for cure.

What i have done to my car, to find solution,
rear centre prop shaft replaced,
Gearbox flushed
I have replaced transfer box for another, just to open mine and to see chain (hv098) and to see is it stretched.
I am now driving on other Transfer box (135 000 ) on clock, i have same issue.
I am thinking, this could be same issue as mine TC box, so
I have ordered chain, since mine has gap/movement in links.
For me, nothing too much, but each link pin has movement at least 1mm, so it seems a lot if calculated like that.
I want to exclude chain from story, so if problem not sorted, than to continue with front axle,
i will remove front centre prop shaft and try to drive, just to see if problem is present.

if problem still present, (front diff and driveshaft will be excluded from future searching, because i believe if problem still present, than it is not problem, since it is detached from transfer box)

Than, only thing is left is rear diff (mechanics said it is ok and it is not the problem, but i do not believe anymore Smile )
and automatic transmission.

Hope we will all resolve this clunk/shunt issue Smile

Post #544297 Fri Dec 29 2017 9:51am
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Member Since: 01 Aug 2015
Location: Essex
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United Kingdom 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Stornoway Grey

Bodsy did a gearbox reset on my '08 RRS when I had the EGR valves sorted which sorted this for me. 2008 RRS HSE Stornoway Grey

Post #547048 Mon Jan 29 2018 4:35pm
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