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Brian Considine

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Any Gardeners on here ?

Most of our plants/flowers are in pots.

The question is about watering them - is it better to water first thing in the morning or after the sun has lost its heat ?

Thanks in advance. 2006 RRS 2.7 HSE.

Post #633370 Fri May 26 2023 9:44am
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I'm a keen gardener I'd like to think (he says setting himself up for a fall!). My routine is morning watering as I'm old and an early bird (often between 5.30-6am). I do mine once a week and every other week is a feed (tomatorite) and a dedicated rose feed exclusively the roses. Don't water during the hot/sunny day. It evaporates so a waste of water, plus in the hot sun it will burn the plant. If we have a hot period it will get a top up mid week. Grass will sunburn and you'd have to use massive amounts of water to keep it green, ce la vie. So to answer the question, am watering to hydrate before the heat. Make sure you water at the base of the plant where it meets the earth line, watering the leaves has little benefit. If you miss the opportunity do it when the sun has gone down.

Steve. 2006 2.7 TDV6 HSE in Cairns Blue.

Post #633372 Fri May 26 2023 12:24pm
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From the experts - https://www.rhs.org.uk/garden-jobs/watering

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It's worth remembering that, in general, it's better to give a really good watering less frequently than it is to give a small bit of water more frequently. If possible, stand pots in saucers/trays so that any excess that drains through is available to be taken back up as the water in the pot is used up. That helps in very hot weather, too, as you've got a bit extra water there which means it's less likely to dry out during the day. 2012 SDV6 - it's missing a couple of cylinders
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Post #633377 Fri May 26 2023 4:57pm
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