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United Kingdom 2007 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Java Black
AFS Headlight aiming down following ‘dance’ *Fixed*

Just another thread on this famously popular topic, however this is my story and how I fixed mine.
Coming to this time of year again, and like many before, sure enough my off side lamp seems to stay down following its initialisation test and would not do the up/down part of the test whatever I tried.
I thought i would try a replacement AFS module on the bottom of the light - didn’t cure it. Having read many times that a replacement headlight was the only answer I found a clouded lens one (didn’t need that bit) on eBay for £50 and promptly fitted it and bingo it worked as it should - so it was the headlight unit after all! Spent a couple of hours removing all lens oxidation and polishing back to near new I fitted it as a whole unit and all good.
Now as I have a spare it was time to work out what was causing the issue. Worked out what did what and identified the motor that did the up and down part. Having read that it may have burnt out I saw that it was a Hella 734 857 03 motor used on many cars for levelling headlights (about £25). As this was now a spare I thought I had nothing to lose by stripping it out and having a further look.
Being held in by only 2 screws I had to have a go. Took it out and stripped down the motor and found the rotor had traveled full length of its thread and bottomed out and took some force to unscrew it - weird but looks like it had jammed itself, not much but obviously enough that the stepper motor didn’t have enough power to unstick it and drive it along the thread as it should do to operate the internal ‘eye’ element of the light. I lubed it up and put it back together and thought it couldn’t be something as stupid as just that but it was, and when I just quickly slaved it in it all worked as it should and did all its calibration dance and sat level like it was supposed to do! I don’t know how it did what it did, maybe just needed fresh lube but it had been playing up on off for a few years but this time it stayed down for a while and wouldn’t play at all. I refitted the original back onto the car and it’s been fine ever since….. fingers crossed.
If anyone is interested in having a go if their light seems to stay down (never seen anyone with one stuck left to right, always up/down issues, must be as up/down has all the weight of the lens on it?). Below are some pics I did as a second run through to show others.

Motor at back of light.

Support the lens assembly as the weight is on this ball.

Using a small screwdriver/pick carefully undo clip.

These clips hold the motor casing on along with the next ones.

You need 3 hands but can be done with just two.

This showed where mine had bottomed out on the thread and jammed itself at the end so was fully retracted therefore the lens was pointing down.

Fully retracted.

I measured 7mm of rod sticking out to make it easier to get it back into its socket in the light. Caution - very fiddly but does go back in with care. It sorts it’s own position out after initialisation.

And that’s it after all back together. Now sitting sort of level. When plugged in to car it now does all elements of initialisation ‘dance’ and levels itself to the correct position.

Hope this helps someone, feel free to ask if I’ve missed something.

Post #618296 Fri Oct 22 2021 11:57am
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