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I was actually in New York at the twin towers.
We watched the planes hitting the towers as I was just about to go into the tower to head up for breakfast at the restaurant at the top.
Very scary place to be but it showed how warming and friendly New Yorkers actually are

Post #604510 Sat Sep 12 2020 8:45pm
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United Kingdom 

That’s freaky scary, Jason-Nike.

I had taken the day off and was shopping, seeing events unfold through Dixon’s window. My employers had an office in one of the towers. We lost colleagues, but nobody I knew. There was a story of one of my company’s security staff who led a whole bunch of people to safety and then he went back inside for the next batch. He perished.

Previously, I remember in 2000 standing at the top of one of the towers and being in awe of the height, it was extraordinary. It makes me sick to my stomach to think what victims went through in their last minutes. Some real, ordinary heroes faced up to our deepest fears and died that day. For nothing. L405 P400e Autobiography (MY2020)... Silicon Silver / Espresso
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Post #604513 Sat Sep 12 2020 9:04pm
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I worked for a small company and one guy had a sever disability. He returned to the office from a hospital appointment and said "put the TV on plane has crashed into the WTC in NY"

Fully expected to see a Cessna, was shocked to see an airliner, emailed my wife with a BBC News website screenshot as the internet was bound to come to a stop imminently (remember those days?)

5 weeks later, we flew to Kuala Lumpur and Penang on holiday. My brother in law lived in Singapore and his employer had an office in the Petronas "Twin Towers" and we visited that office, I remember looking out the umpteenth floorwindow thinking "image an airliner hitting this"

Strangely the flight out there was fairly full but the homeward flight was only about 40% full. MY17 RRS 4.4d V8 Autobiography - Aintree Green (also referred to on Topix as British Racing Green)

Post #604519 Sun Sep 13 2020 8:42am
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