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Back to see what's going on....

It's been a while since I ventured on here, but I now find myself with some time between jobs (took VR), so I thought I'd see what's going on here.....and annoy Muddy and SRE Whistle Rolling with laughter

Sitrep from me:
BMW (335dx)is still going strong with 48k miles on it. Running a set of MPSS tyres, which I have to say performed brilliantly in last weeks snow! Deciding whether to fit a set of winters currently.

Merc GL is still with us, it looks like a skip full of kids stuff Rolling Eyes , it's got just over 30k on it now and has just been shod with a set of Yokohama BlluEarth V905 Winters, which seem to be very good Cool .

So what have I missed, hows the sporty milk float Muddy?

Also, anyone know anything about shotguns and where to buy a decent second hand one, I know there are a few shooters on here, so any advice appreciated Thumbs Up ON THE WAY: BMW F21 M140i
MERCEDES GL350 - Metallic Navy Blue w/Grey interior

GOING: BMW F31 335D MSport+ xDrive Touring
GONE: Land Rover Discovery 4 HSE - Stornaway Grey w/Black Interior (wish we'd kept it Banging Head )
GONE: BMW F10 520D MSport - Carbon Black
GONE:MY12 RRS SDV6 HSE Sumatra/Ivory/Grand Black Privacy glass

Post #543495 Sat Dec 16 2017 10:33am
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United Kingdom 

Welcome BC

Good to here the BMW & Merc Are going well, with the lack of cover on extended warranty on known LR floors there might be a few finding out more about other brands as these LR get older

As for Shotguns, good place to start is Guntrader, for budget and what’s about locally, but brand is less important than fitting you correctly. So it’s a case of visiting and holding lots till you can find which suits you, myself found Berretta better than Browning. What Discipline also factors into it, game, trap, sporting etc

Post #543506 Sat Dec 16 2017 1:52pm
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Australia 2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Fuji White


I am fully back in the fold with a 2017 V8 SC which I got 2 weeks ago as my early Christmas present to myself Laughing 18 F80 M3 ZCP
13 A4 Allroad - daily runaround car
2017 V8 SC - Gone after 11 months of ownership from new. Great engine surrounded by cheaply made parts.
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Post #543543 Sat Dec 16 2017 11:31pm
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Ady 555
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United Kingdom 2012 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Santorini Black

Welcome back Bc, Thumbs Up

So with the petrol & diesel engine days numbered, you decided to jump ship at the right time from the oil industry, so are you considering joining the power grid next? Muddy will be pleased, he will be asking for mates rates. Laughing

On the gun subject, things haven't got that bad living with Siberian Fox have they? Shocked
I have only ever delt in MP5 sub machine guns, which i think will be a little ott for your needs. Wink
Good to hear from you again though. Thumbs Up

Post #543545 Sun Dec 17 2017 12:09am
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