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Great Divide II Invitation [Aug 20-24]

If you're in the USA and looking to for a Must-Do-Trip in your 2005+ Land Rover, but not alone, come with us along the Continental Divide.

The much anticipated Great Divide II trip is quickly approaching. We are offering an alternative trip at a reduced rate for those wishing to go "authentic" into the beauty of the back country by camping.

You won't be living too ruggedly however as we will have with us a trail chef cooking all our meals with recipes to die for, hot water showers [the real thing, not those black bag showers], and some things to do along the way like white water river rafting.

We would like to limit the trip to 8 vehicles. Trip is open to any stock or modified LR3, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover full size.

Rate is only $1200 for this alternative and is inclusive of a week's worth of hot gourmet meals and activities, vs. the $4700 trip which is all inclusive of massages, 5-star accommodations, activities, etc.

We will be hitting some resume trails which every Land Rover owner should experience once before they die! We will have a bonus day at the end of the trip on Saturday by hitting the Great Sand Dunes national park in CO and possibly Moab for a trail or two on the way back to LA as well for those so inclined.

We will have national sponsors once again so expect lots of goodies again [last year attendees received an average of $1800 per person in goodies!].

Our trips can change your life and are worth ten times the rate paid. We normally offer the all-inclusive trips by invitation only due to highly regarded privacy issues of the attendees, but wanted a much more accessible trip for everyone as well. So here it is. First time ever, open to the public. We'll have a blast.

1. Posers need not apply
2. No 20" or larger rims [and especially not chromeed]
3. Good-natured, well-intended, fun-loving people only
4. Ego's not welcome, only authentic people who love their Land Rovers and want to use them as intended.

We will have at least one media crew covering the trip so privacy/anonymity can not be accommodated on this trip.

This is not an extremely difficult selection of trails, any stock 2005+ Land Rover will do fine. For those who are interested however, we are offering $150 off our Extreme Underbody Protection [rock sliders] for those registering for the trip.

Please direct all comments and inquiries directly to us via email, not here, at info@offroving.com

Pics from last year:


Love to have you with us!

Pre-enrollment Trip Sheet Here-->http://www.offroving.com/downloadlinks/GDII%20Trip%20Sheet.pdf

Register Here https://www.shop.offroving.com/displayProd...tegoryId=5


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