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United Kingdom 2007 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Santorini Black
fitting side steps to 2007 RR sport


Long time no post here but I have a question that Im sure has been done before but I hope somebody can help.

i need to replace the side steps on my 2007 RR sport.
The ones on the car now are badly rusted and pretty sure they are aftermarket.

I have seen some on websites for around 120 pounds plus VAT, which seems pretty cheap but as the car is now 11 years old, i dont want splash out on OE ones at around 700 quid.

Is there something in between that you can recommend and do you know if there are people out there who do a supply and fit service in East London or Essex.
I'm happy to travel and wait for a while you wait fitting if anybody knows someone who does the job.

Thanks in advance.


Post #550810 Thu Mar 08 2018 7:50pm
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Fortunately - the removal & replacement of the side steps themselves is the easiest part of the whole process . I have replaced 2 sets & only ever needed to use the steps themselves - the brackets left on the Sport have always been in good shape. Again the circa £120 steps are IMO value for money & will do the job needed. The steps are secured to the 3 brackets each side by nylon lock nuts ( 12 each side if I remember rightly). The only issue you may encounter is lining them up which can be fixed with a large hammer Whistle I had to use washing up liquid on the top lip of the plastic to aid the sliding in & out of the step whilst lining up the holes for the nuts & bolts.

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Post #550826 Fri Mar 09 2018 7:05am
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I went for after-market ones on my RRS S/C, look excellent at a fraction of the OEM cost.

I'm pretty sure DCC 4X4 are in your neck of the woods, they did mine and were fantastic?

EDIT: You can see them in my avatar!

Post #550832 Fri Mar 09 2018 9:07am
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There is a YouTube video showing exactly how to remove and refit them think it was by powerfuluk
Part 1

Part 2

I was lucky enough to get a really good set of second hand genuine steps to replace mine
See thread here : http://www.rrsport.co.uk/forum/topic49086.html

If buying non originals, just be sure to check the maximum weight limit, as when I was looking they varied from 80-110kg where landrover told me genuine are 130kg. But then they were trying to sell me a new set at nearly £1000!.

Post #551075 Sun Mar 11 2018 9:53pm
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