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Replacing rear seat belt.

Afternoon all,
Car just went in for an MOT and failed. front brakes worn and seat belt buckle and lock don't match so therefore don't lock.
He recommended i change the lock, but when i offered the option of changing the belt and buckle as the belt was worn and just starting to fray - he hadn't noticed that.
BUT: how hard is it to buy a seat belt. Some outlets don't have them, another has told me that they are not allowed to sell them as it is a safety feature. Can only get them from LR.
one garage quoted 350€ to do the brakes (front discs and pads inclusive of work) and 150 - 300€ for the seat belt depending if they could thread in a new belt or if it needed new lock and belt. and buckle.

Land Rover want 800€ for the front brake discs, pads and work and a further 300 - 400€ for the seat belt.

The brakes are a simple fix (if you have the space), but a friend will do them for me. but is it possible to do the seat belt your self. Probably easiest to change the whole seat belt, buckle and lock. Would ebay be the place to get it from? forum sponsor?

I've got until the 15.2 to have ti re-mot'd but also can't drive it anywhere....

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