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Member Since: 16 Mar 2014
Location: Salisbury
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2011 Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 HSE Bali Blue
How reliable is your RRS?

When I mentioned to a colleague that I was going to buy a RRS; he said they were well known for being totally unreliable! He listed suspension and electrical faults as being the major issues; however, when I asked if he knew anyone who had a RRS, he had to admit that he didn’t and the reliability issues he had heard were just anecdotal.

I’ve had my car for 4 years now and the only problems in the last year have been a number plate bulb and the bonnet sensor having to be replaced. It’s the most reliable car I have ever owned in regard to excess garage time! Am I unique in this or do I have to look forward to major expense and disappointment?

Post #545022 Sun Jan 07 2018 10:06am
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Member Since: 10 Jan 2017
Location: Herefordshire
Posts: 299

United Kingdom 2007 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Java Black

Over the last year I have spent significantly more maintaining and repairing my 1973 series land rover than I have my tdv8 sport. We were quite surprised when we ran the numbers. Especially as the sport has done 12k in 12 months and the landy has maybe done 600 miles.

The sport has had pads/discs all round, a minor service and a wheel alignment. It blew the inlet manifold wide open within a week of owning it because the previous owner had tried to repair it rather than replacing it, but he covered the labour bill for that.

However the guy who owned it before me replaced both turbos, had manifolds skimmed, replaced the compressor, replaced the handbrake box and a bunch of other stuff in the previous year.

I am fully expecting it to break very expensively at some point, it would be foolish to assume anything otherwise. The main issue is that pretty much any bill involves the word 'thousand'.

Post #545024 Sun Jan 07 2018 10:41am
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Member Since: 30 Nov 2010
Location: Canberra
Posts: 784


I have had mine for 7 years - EGRs is the only issue of note and all diesels with EGRs have the same issue.

Garry 07MY RRS TDV6
Arctic Frost
Aspen Interior

Post #545029 Sun Jan 07 2018 11:14am
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Member Since: 23 May 2013
Location: Billericay Essex
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United Kingdom 2013 Range Rover Sport SDV6 Autobiography Santorini Black

Had mine for nearly 5 years from new, 46,000 miles .
No problems except when a rat eat a ride height cable.
Still the best car I have owned.
Normally change my cars at 3 years old, but cannot find anything that betters it without spending a small fortune. MY13.5 Autobiography, Santorini Black, Privacy Glass.

Post #545030 Sun Jan 07 2018 11:34am
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Member Since: 12 Aug 2011
Location: Northamptonshire
Posts: 6220

United Kingdom 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Stornoway Grey

My TDV8 has been with me over 6 years and now has 174k miles on the clock. It's had a number of issues but some were caused by LR dealership ineptitude! It has had new turbos, has had the usual bushes etc. New EGRs fitted but only because the old ones were removed to change the glow plugs and no point putting old EGRs back on in that case. Only let me down once and that was when the turbos blew. Other than that, the list of things done has been a case of as and when required, some preventative, some reactive.

Mine has towed, gone off road, commuted and done many hundreds of miles in a day and been fabulous at it all.

Lots of people have an opinion about the RRS, usually negative and almost always from a position of no experience. I smile knowingly when people tell me that the RRS is rubbish off road, for example. Anyone telling you this has evidently never driven one. Thumbs Up

The RRS2 is arguably the best all rounder in LR's stable. It is as good off road as the Disco, better on road than the Disco or the FFRR, basically as luxurious as the FFRR. Tows as well as the others, goes better than the others, has better handling. Sure, the Disco has more room inside and the FFRR has the cachet but the RRS, for all of the jibes about footballers and drug dealers, is the only true SUV LR make. Thumbs Up 2012 SDV6 - it's missing a couple of cylinders
2008 TDV8 - it was a labour of love and is much missed

Post #545039 Sun Jan 07 2018 1:17pm
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Member Since: 15 Jun 2013
Location: Tyne and Wear
Posts: 458

United Kingdom 2010 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Bali Blue

Had mine coming up 5 years this year,, had the usual front suspension done when I first got it and also replaced all discs and pads as they were a mess. Only things it has really let me down with is egr valves and Epb,, which I take the blame for, if I had serviced Epb and shoes it probably wouldn't have cost me for new module, discs and pads.things like batteries and tyres don't count. 2010 RRS, TDV8
bali Blue / colour coded
side steps / flappy paddles
black perforated leather
22" overfinch
heated everything, TV,fridge ...... now with gold calipers and mud flaps !( black mud flaps that is) !!
Many years ago,,,,, 1955 series 1 landie , sometimes wish I had kept it

Post #545045 Sun Jan 07 2018 2:23pm
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Member Since: 14 Jun 2009
Location: london
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United Kingdom 

I m sure I’ve said this on other points regarding reliability ,

I ve had a mixed bag over the years tbh.

2004 full size td6 - multiple electronic problems, one minute windows wouldn’t work , then radio wouldn’t.
Tech told me - oh you have to switch it off and on again like your computer at home - oh right silly me I thought buying a brand new car meant at least most of it would function - how naive of me.

2006 full size td6 - constantly broke down, 2-3 times in 6 months , went through injectors like they were going out of fashion. Backed the car to Range Rover and got my doe back .

2006 supercharged sport - lots of suspension faults anytime I went round a corner it would throw up a fault and go into suspension fault lockdown.

I went down the sports car route for a few years and returned to the fold this year

2014 full size td6, no issues at all in the 5k I kept it, felt quality top to bottom .

2017 Svr - squeaky brakes within first 500 miles, unbearably squeaky replaced under warranty and now approaching 5k with no other real issues aside from the infotainment system which is dog - s*it - obviously!

Regards 2017 Svr and 2018 Svr 😂

Post #545050 Sun Jan 07 2018 2:58pm
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Member Since: 06 Jan 2017
Location: Swansea
Posts: 32

Wales 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV6 HSE Stornoway Grey

2008 2.7 bought at 18m old kept it for 7 years. immediately needed suspension bushes, then over the years door trims repeatedly fell off until I 'no- nailed' them. Rear brake calliper, alternator, EGR's and rust. I checked and dealt with rust on the underside every Autumn and Spring. The usual shunt (which isn't limited to Land Rover, I had an XK with the same gearbox) oh and the seat felt loose but there is a fix for that (the dealer wasn't even slightly interested in doing it, even for money).

Overall...loved it. Didn't ever have the impression that it was well built but loved driving it and it's ability to deal with Winter without any trouble at all (with Winter Tyres).

Wanted to buy another but just couldn't cope with the dealer. Paid for the LR warranty for 7 years, had all servicing and work carried out by the main dealer (repeatedly had to re-fix under-trays after serving, bought a big bag of bolts from Screwfix to do it), on one occasion lost an entire tank of fuel (and nearly killed the Wife who was driving behind me) due to a badly replaced fuel filter and couldn't believe the lack of support when things went wrong, even with the warranty. Last straw was having to threaten to sue to get an overcharge back.

Now have a BMW. Feels much better built but rather soulless to drive. No doubt not so good in the snow but did find that BMW will sell you a set of wheels with Winter tyres for the same price as the bare wheels ( and in fact got a discount on top).

I miss it, but not the dealer.

Post #545052 Sun Jan 07 2018 3:38pm
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Member Since: 11 Nov 2016
Location: London
Posts: 351

United Kingdom 2005 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Java Black

I've had my 2005 4.2L SC (115k) for one and a half years and apart from me doing something really stupid, pulling a fuse and putting it back which fried the BCM and cost me £2,500, it's been incredibly reliable and only needed a new battery.
I think I was lucky as mine had full LR service history and had been well looked after. Hopefully any issues had been fixed by previous owners.
Hope I haven't cursed it now! Bow down --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If we all point our RR's in the same direction and accelerate at the same time can we turn back time?

Post #545056 Sun Jan 07 2018 4:16pm
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Member Since: 31 Aug 2013
Location: North Yorkshire
Posts: 947

United Kingdom 2008 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Tangiers Orange

Had mine 4/5 years now, never let us down. Things done, new starter motor, torque converter and rear response bar other things have been service parts so don’t count. Do get to drive/work on other makes haven’t yet driven anything that comes close to the ride etc of the sport ! 2008 G4 RRSport TDV8 current
2009 TDCi 90 current
2016 Discovery Sport HSE current
1994 Dakar current

Post #545058 Sun Jan 07 2018 4:35pm
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Tim in Scotland

Member Since: 30 May 2005
Location: Driving along in my automobile
Posts: 16965

2013 Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Stornoway Grey

I have owned
A 2.7TDv6 SE from 2005 to 2007 - 100% reliable
A 3.6 TDv8 HSE from 2007 ro 2010 - 100% reliable
And now an L494 SDv6 HSE Dynamic since 2015 - 100% reliable

Since 1996 I have owned a Disco1 V8i ES (it was 12 months old when I bought it) - 100% reliable
A Disco2 TD5 Auto - broke down on the day I was taking it into the dealers to change it for a Freelander........ it had shredded it’s aux drive belt and had to be recovered - otherwise the only other issue it had was it periodically used to jump out of high range into neutral on the transfer box.
A faultless Freelander1
A 2003 L322 FFRR SE TD6 - only failure was a BiXenon headlamp
In 2005 it went to be changed for the 1st RRS
In 2007 that went for the TDv8 RRS
In 2010 LR stopped production of the 3.6 TDv8 in RRS.......... so I bought a used (ex demo) 3.6TDv8 L322 Vogue
Replaced that in 2011 with a launch day delivery Evoque 2.2 Dynamic that regularly flattened its battery but that was the only problem it ever had
In 2014 I chopped that in for a 9 speed auto Evoque that ran faultlessly for 6 months then on a weekly basis was burning out DPF sensors........... I got fed up with that and changed it for my current car which has also run without fault.

Since 2001 I have also had a 2nd car - a 1996 Land Rover Defender 90 TDi300, now 21 years old and 88900 miles up - it has been 100% reliable despite all the offroad bashing it has had. I have just completed an lovely day off-roading in Argyll in it and whilst crude it is a hugely capable and entertaining car. Apart from a galvanised chassis fitted in 2007 and a replacement transfer gearbox (due to me running it for 100 miles with no oil in it!) it is as it left the factory

I don’t deny that there are cars with issues BUT they often are used cars that have been neglected or not well serviced. Due to the unsatisfactory situation with the crankshaft failure issue with the SDv6 I will not be replacing my current Sport with another - if I had some reassurance that I will not have to pay for a design fault to be repaired then I would keep the car on extended warranty, but no reassurance so one lost customer. My sister, until last August) ran a 2006 RRS 2.7TDv6 S to 290,000 miles with only an EGR replacement and LR specialist Indie servicing, never broke down or failed. She replaced in August with the first of two Audi Q5’s - first had so many problems that Audi bought it back and now after 3 months the 2nd one is heading in the same direction - fortunately the RRS is still in their household so when the Audis fail she jumps back into her super reliable RRS..............the RRS is even more amazing because they live 3 miles up a very rough track nothing has fallen off it unlike the Audis which are a bit fragile in those conditions. 2018 Melting Silver Mini Countryman PHEV - a test car before Seeing if I could go to totally Petrol/Diesel free motoring
2015MY Corris Grey SDv6 HSE Dynamic, the best car I have ever owned, totally reliable only a cou0le of rattles in 3 years, now no longer in my care
Also in my garage is a 1996 TDi300 Defender 90 County HT made into a fake CSW

Post #545131 Sun Jan 07 2018 9:52pm
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Member Since: 29 Apr 2011
Location: Perth
Posts: 256

Australia 2010 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Santorini Black

From my experience Landrover products are not reliable, but that is part of the price you pay for driving "the Landrover Experience".
I have owned 4 Landrovers since 1996 and they have all been enjoyable to drive (when they worked).
1) 1996 Discovery 1 V8i Auto - Faultless on delivery, engine replaced at 12,000km (never right afterwards), major drivetrain resonance appeared at 15,000km. Landrover bought the car back off me because they could not fix it. The deal was that I had to buy another Discovery.
2) 1998 Discovery 1 V8i ES - Whining rear differential on trailing throttle and loose rocker arm staked pushrod caps as I drove it out of the dealership from new. Sold the car 2 years later due to galvanic corrosion between the aluminium panels and the steel subframes.
3) 2001 Discovery 2 V8 Auto with ACE - Extreme body resonance occured from new above 80km/hr which took 3 years to get fixed by Landrover - so for 3 years i never took it above 80km/hr. ABS unit failed at 3 years, $7,000 replacement.
4) 2010 RRS TDV8 - Bit of a horror story -all the following work carried out under warranty (car has 33,000km on the odometer)
- Front ARB bushes replaced 2 times.
- Airconditioning compressor replaced 4 times.
- Air suspension compressor replaced 3 times.
- Rear differential replaced 2 times.
- Front differential replaced once.
- Transfer case overhauled.
- Tranmission mechatronics replaced.
- Front and rear drive shafts replaced.
- Rear axle CV boots replaced.
- Battery replaced 3 times.
- Tail gate striker assembly replaced.
- HVAC temperature controls/fan control replaced.
- IPOD lead replaced.
- Drivers seat foam and leather replaced.
- Centre console hockey sticks replaced.
- Valence in front of windscreen replaced.
- Dashboard pulled apart many times to fix rattles and squeaks.

Post #545143 Mon Jan 08 2018 2:37am
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Member Since: 30 Nov 2010
Location: Canberra
Posts: 784


Well this thread is about your RRS experiences no cars back over 20 years.

On you RRS - I agree too much for a 30,000km car - however it sounds like repair by replacement until the problem is fixed so many of the bits you mentioned probably did not need doing - aircon compressor - 4 times in 30,000km - hmm - your poor experience is certainly not consistent with the experiences of others.

Too much work even for the most unreliable car in just 30,000km.

Garry 07MY RRS TDV6
Arctic Frost
Aspen Interior

Post #545144 Mon Jan 08 2018 3:34am
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Member Since: 30 Nov 2010
Location: Canberra
Posts: 784


Duplicate Post - content deleted 07MY RRS TDV6
Arctic Frost
Aspen Interior

Post #545145 Mon Jan 08 2018 3:35am
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Member Since: 05 May 2008
Location: Perth
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Australia 2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Fuji White

I had a 2008 2.7TDV6 which had a front wheel wobble resulting in half the running gear being replaced and the car taken back by LR

Then a 2009 2.7 TDV6 - 100% reliable

2010 V8 petrol - 100% reliable, sold to a friend and still 100%

My new V8SC - so far so good F80 M3 ZCP
2017 V8 SC - Gone after 11 months of ownership from new. Great engine surrounded by a cheaply made and unreliable car.

Post #545176 Mon Jan 08 2018 12:39pm
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