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econ wrote:
james5599 wrote:
I ve explained it a few times before.

Disclok to ward off the initial break in and to slow them down if they do attempt it, ghost so they can’t start the car even with the keys, and tracker as a redundancy.

That’s layering. It’s the same principles applied to people / property all over the world in any security situation.


Thanks - fully agree with you.

But would you say its fair to get the tracker fitted AND do all those things that you said, just because the tracker is a requirement for most insurers? It seems thats what im gonna have to do.

The tracker is reactive not preventative , it doesn’t stop someone taking the car just increases your chances of getting it back.

Surely you d want to do whatever you could (reasonably) to prevent the car being taken in the first place?!

I d suggest a couple of preventative products and then have the tracker as a fall back.

The tone of this thread seems to be about doing the minimum to satisfy a insurance company I can’t undersrand that mentality.

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